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Obama picks Maxwell Smart as Secretary of Defense and Gender Equality

Obama picks Maxwell Smart as Secretary of Defense and Gender Equality, Dan Miller’s Blog, November 25, 2014 (With Iran, the U. N., Europe, the Non-Islamic State, Ferguson, MO and a bunch of other annoyances, a spot of humor seemed worth … Continue reading

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Obama picks Maxwell Smart as Secretary of Defense and Gender Equality

Immediately upon hearing of Secretary Hagel’s decision to resign, President Obama began His search for the best available replacement. Today, He announced His eagerly awaited choice for a successor. Statement of President Obama: My fellow Americans, as you are well aware, I pledged … Continue reading

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UKIP Is Better but Is No Solution [Plus my comments on relevance to U.S. politics]

This article is republished with permission from Enza Ferreri’s blog. But first, My introduction Please consider the similarities and differences among the UK Independence Party (UKIP), the Republican Party and the “Tea Parties,” with emphasis on the Republican and Tea Parties. Here … Continue reading

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Obama Grubered us Great on Immigration — UPDATED

But not only in the ways that most of us anticipated, because He did not issue an executive order. On November 19th, I wrote an article titled Obama’s Grubering and royal amnesty for illegals. Rather than speculate about what Obama would say in His November 20th … Continue reading

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Obama’s Grubering and royal amnesty for illegals

The Obama administration refuses to enforce Federal laws which Obama finds ideologically or politically objectionable, while claiming that He is obligated to enforce them. On November 19th, House Speaker Boehner released an article titled 22 Times President Obama Said He Couldn’t Ignore or … Continue reading

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Islam between Illusion and Reality

This article is republished here with permission. It’s from Islam between Illusion and Reality at Enza Ferreri’s Blog, published on November 18, 2014. Please check her blog. It’s very good. A new article by our guest writer Cassandra. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Imagine, if you … Continue reading

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Hamas, Abbas, Obama and Islamic savagery

Today Palestinian extremists Islamists murdered four Israelis, three of whom were also U.S. citizens, at a Jerusalem synagogue. Several others are in critical condition. Palestinians celebrated their actions and their intended consequences.  This morning I posted an article by Robert Spencer of Front Page Magazine … Continue reading

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