Secretary Kerry and his Israel – Palestinian “peace process”

The process itself, rather than peace, has become the goal.

PA official

Senior Palestinian Authority official

A bit of history

The notion that “the end justifies the means” is bad even when the end sought might be seen as beneficial. Transitory peace might be a beneficial intermediate end if the price of achieving it is not excessive. We should have learned about that shortly after 1938, when Prime Minister Chamberlain’s deal with Herr Hitler allowed German expansion into Czechoslovakia and produced a naval agreement between Britain and Germany.

PM Chamberlain said this later the same day:

My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.[3]

That version of “peace in our time” was short-lived. Germany soon invaded Poland, apparently believing that other European nations would do nothing. World War II followed, with Britain, Europe and (even after Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 the United States) ill-prepared to fight. Whether Germany and Japan, or the United States and their allies, would prevail remained an open question for a couple of years.

The Israel-Palestinian “peace process”

Turning the “end justifies the means” notion upside down so that the means are seen as justifying the end sought — or perhaps so that the means become the end — does not improve the notion; particularly when the means — the “process” in the “peace process” — are distorted due to their perceived importance.

Apparently having given up all hope of bringing peace to the entire Middle East, let alone to Israel – assuming that either was once his naive objective – Secretary Kerry now apparently considers it necessary to keep his process alive regardless of the consequences. To that end, he has applied substantial pressures on Israel to make very damaging concessions merely to coax Palestinian Authority President Abbas to negotiate. Rather than respond by negotiating with Israel, Abbas simply demands — and Secretary Kerry seconds his demands — more concessions.

As observed in Disasterous outcome of the “peace negotiations,”

As anticipated, the Obama administration’s efforts to impose a peace settlement have proved to be a disastrous failure. It is immaterial whether the negotiations formally break down or a face-saving formula is adopted which is nonbinding and incorporates sufficient reservations to make it meaningless. Regrettably, the U.S. intervention has only exacerbated the situation and even undermined the chances of low-profile interim progress and economic cooperation. [Emphasis added.]

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has blustered and zigzagged between intimidating and occasionally placating Israel. The pressure was exerted overwhelmingly toward Israel while the Palestinians, who were treated with kid gloves, refused to make a single meaningful compromise. This generated enormous frustration and resentment of the U.S. among Israelis. [Emphasis added.]

The positive memories of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel and the ongoing defense support and cooperation — now at an all-time high — were overshadowed by Israeli anger against the U.S. for bullying its government into releasing brutal mass murderers who were subsequently glorified as heroes by the Palestinian Authority.

The PA demanded this as a prerequisite even to agreeing to negotiate. An uninformed observer would assume that Israel was the supplicant and would be unaware that the territories were acquired only after Israel vanquished an Arab conglomerate that had initiated a war to annihilate it. [Emphasis added.]

Secretary Kerry’s is unable to produce even a short-lived disruption of Palestinian efforts to achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating Israel as the only reasonably free and democratic nation in the Middle East. Democracy with freedom is anathema under Islam and having somebody to hate is their most powerful weapon.

Don’t worry; Israel is expendable because there are plenty of others to hate.

Secretary Kerry could not achieve an at best transitory cessation of hostilities even if Palestinian Authority President Abbas were in control of the Palestinians. He is not. Hamas (meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”), a rival Palestinian organization that controls Gaza, represents far too many Palestinians to ignore and has consistently opposed even fits and starts by Abbas sort of, maybe, to consider concessions to Israel. Seventy-nine years old, in failing health and opposed even within the Palestinian Authority, he would not be able to contribute effectively to peace even if he wanted to do so. It is questionable that he does.

Secretary Kerry should abandon the Israel-Palestinian “peace process” before he makes the situation worse than he already has. Perhaps leaving on his yacht for a pleasant sail in Venezuelan waters might do less damage.

Kerry Salutes

Ahoy there, President Maduro! Reporting for duty!

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Breaking News From CNN: Planes Struggle Without Fuel


CNN’s uncanny ability to explain often misunderstood facts to its viewers has helped it to lead all other legitimate news sources in ratings. Or is this an April Fool’s Day joke?

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OhwhILJ I do not know what concerns me more: that this is news to someone . . .

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Sec. Kerry to initiate North – South Korea peace process. Huh?

Anticipating the prompt success of the Israel – Palestine peace process as well as the desired outcome of the P5+1 nuke talks, Secretary Kerry will next devote his efforts to securing peace between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea.

Ketchup Kerry

WASHINGTON, D.C., Happy World News Service. Recent developments make it clear that a Kerry Peace Process agreement between Israel and Palestine is about to be signed, finally bringing lasting peace to the Middle East. Progress there has greatly increased the chances for a successful outcome of the P5+1 negotiations with Iran. The tensions have all but vanished and the talks are moving forward swiftly and well. Indeed, it is almost certain that there will be a final deal of which all should be proud well before the November elections in the United States.

Even though these major foreign policy accomplishments have not yet been digested fully, the Obama Administration is convinced that the same tactics and strategies it used in both will be successful in bringing prompt closure to the spat between North and South Korea. Although minor adjustments will have to be made to take into account differences in geography and cultural perceptions, both President Obama and Secretary Kerry have long dealt successfully with many different cultures and feel confident that they will be no less successful in resolving the almost seventy year long squabble between the North and the South.

A statement issued today by the White House follows:

Office of the President, March 30, 2014

The time has come to put aside all petty misconceptions about North and South Korea, to accord both the respect they so amply deserve and to move forward with the creation of a lasting peace for the region. In doing so, We must — and will — be as scrupulously fair and impartial as We have been in dealing with Israel and Palestine; that is necessary for achievement of a lasting peace.

Although both the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK) are esteemed members of the international community, only the DPRK includes in its official name the essential concepts that a nation be Democratic and that ownership be by the people. The DPRK also has its unique religion, Kimianity – The Religion of Kim – far superior to other religions (with the exception of Islam) practiced elsewhere because it encourages a healthy uniformity of thought and belief. For these and other reasons, life is good in the DPRK, better and happier even than in the ROK.

In the recent election of DPRK legislators, at least ninety-seven percent of all eligible voters cast their ballots. As expected, the results were substantially unanimous. To promote a similarly cohesive spirit in the South, both nations must be unified under one banner, that of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK), a one state compromise solution that will give legitimacy and true cohesiveness of spirit to the unified nation. This proposal should receive universal acclaim. Should either side reject it, or part of the detailed Kerry Peace Process Framework presented below, we hope fear that the nations of Europe and the Americas, as well as the other nations of Asia, will find it necessary to show their righteous displeasure by boycotting the offending side.

It has been claimed that Government officials and media of both the DPRK and the ROK have made unfortunate and even bellicose remarks, each about the other. That may possibly be true, even though We have seen no credible evidence of it. However, with proper reunification it will cease. In preparation, Secretary Kerry will seek immediate and binding commitments from both sides to stop being nasty and to be nice instead.

The detailed Kerry Peace Process Framework, as it evolves, is expected to include the following fair, equitable and common-sense core elements:

All political prisoners in both the DPRK and ROK shall be freed and united with their loving families as soon as they pledge to cease making excessively offensive remarks. Should any violate their commitments they, along with their families, will be returned sent to pleasant re-education parks to learn useful manual skills as well as the errors of their ways.

If and to the extent that either nation may be pursuing Uranium enrichment, such enrichment shall be limited to approximately five percent and no more Uranium shall be enriched than may be felt to be needed for present and anticipated future electricity generating facilities. Should either side or both desire radioactive medical isotopes or facilities, the final agreement shall include appropriate conditions and limitations, if any.

Due to the past (and anticipated future) candid and open nature of both nations concerning their solely peaceful intentions for nuclear energy, no inspections of military, medical, research or other facilities will be necessary, appropriate or required.

As a symbolic gesture of her eagerness for peaceful reunification, the ROK will require that all males between the ages of five and seventy years of age copy the greatly admired appearance of Dear Leader Kim Jong-un by having their hair cut monthly to emulate his coiffure as well as possible.

Correspondingly, as a symbolic gesture of her eagerness for peaceful reunification, the DPRK will agree and direct that ROK news, documentary and soap opera videos, jointly selected by the ROK and DPRK, be allowed into the DPRK and made available for mandatory viewing by all residents certified as having the appropriate electronic equipment and attitudes.

Similarly, the ROK will provide free, state of the art, video equipment to the DPRK to enable her production of news, documentary and soap opera videos for mandatory viewing in the ROK.

The DPRK and ROK will exchange agricultural and industrial engineers to provide guidance on how best to utilize their respective agricultural and industrial facilities and capacities.

It is hoped that these core elements of the Kerry Peace Process Framework will receive the universal acclaim they clearly deserve and hence lead to peaceful reunification as the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea.

Office of the President statement ends.

Soure: American in North Korea

Soure: American in North Korea

The following is based on numerous reliable anonymous sources, including many close to President Obama and Secretary Kerry.

Unfortunately, initial reactions of the leaders of both the DPRK and the ROK have been less than completely positive. Dear Leader Kim Jong-un proclaimed that the proposal had been written by subversives loyal to the alleged but illegitimate President of the ROK, Park Geun-hye, daughter of notorious dictator Park Chung-hye and therefore not a suitable peace partner. She responded by alleging that Kim Jung-un’s even more dictatorial father, Kim Jong-il, had smelled worse than rotten fish and that leaders of the DPRK’s closest ally, China, had written the framework nonsense solely in order maliciously to distract world attention from China’s aggressively unlawful actions toward all oceans and proximate land masses.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry had anticipated such minor bumps in the road and will do their level best to work over, under and around them in time for the first Kerry Peace Process talks to be held well before November of this year.

Secretary Kerry and President Obama are hopeful that Japan will help in securing cooperation from the DPRK and the ROK by sending at least twenty-five hundred of her highest officials’ prettiest daughters to each country as comfort companions. That is expected to assuage all remaining ill feelings caused by requiring young Korean girls to provide badly needed comforts to occupying Japanese troops, after many years still a matter of grave concern in both the DPRK and ROK.

It is hoped that both the DPRK and ROK will embrace such a commitment from Japan as their first glorious joint achievement and strive for harmony in achieving many others through the Kerry Peace Process Framework.

Japan has yet to respond favorably to the suggestion, but Secretary Kerry seems confident that her likelihood of doing so promptly is as substantial as that of the long term successes of the Israel – Palestinian and P5 + 1 peace processes.

President Obama agreed, observing that the ways in which He has transformed not only America but the entire world, and His continuing successful efforts along those lines, are entirely consistent with Secretary Kerry’s successful transformational efforts earlier directed at Israel and Palestine and now to be devoted to the DPRK and ROK. “If not now, when? If not Me us, who?” He is reliably reported to have demanded.

Obama at desk

It takes a strong leader like President Obama to make and keep such clear, firm and vital commitments.

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Some are more equal…


President Obama is a petty little person whose ego needs constantly to be re-inflated by the sycophants privileged to surround Him. Having been elected President of the United States, twice, and having received a Nobel Pettiness Peace Prize may have sated Him temporarily. However, unwarranted obeisance is constantly needed. It’s a drug that has to be taken in ever larger doses to remain effective.

Perhaps administering His ego-maintenance drug becomes tiresome, and those required to do it need to lash out at others who view Him as the embodiment of petty incompetence that He has increasingly become. How could they not tire of it? For their own therapy, they have to lash out at those who see Him for what He is, rather than as they must to try to see Him. Otherwise, how could they do what is required of them?

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Another Tack: Some are more equal | JPost | Israel News .

03/27/2014 21:42

Everyone is perfectly free to go into raptures over Obama but it’s a whole different opera when not-so-flattering opinions are sounded.


Obama’s thinking appears closer to that enunciated by the clout-packing pigs of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Photo: JERUSALEM POST ARCHIVES, FROM THE 1954 FEATURE FILM]

Speaking the truth can be a dangerous undertaking. It can expose the speaker to all sort of chastisement. This isn’t only so in any given country’s domestic affairs but very much so in relations between states.

Ours, after all, is a globalized reality. This fact can induce and intensify inordinate hubris in some leaders with pretensions to hold sway over more than their own specified domain. White House occupant and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barak Obama, for instance, often conducts himself as if the American electorate and the…

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The Obama Administration seems indifferent to the crisis in Venezuela. Why?

Venezuela is closer geographically than, and at least as important to the United States as, Ukraine. Yet the persistently blurred focus of the Obama Administration has been far less on violent Cuban inspired repression in Venezuela than on Russian repression in Ukraine. 

Alice in Wonderland

Here’s a new presentation by Senator Rubio on the continuing mess in Venezuela:

The constitutional crisis in Venezuela has apparently been far less disturbing to the Obama Administration, and to the “legitimate” media, than the less violent mess in Ukraine. It has drawn far less media attention than the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370, coverage of which has been extensive and continuous but abysmally uninformed. Here’s the best analysis of the disappearance of Flight 370 that I have found; it highlights the persistently incompetent media coverage.

Perhaps the relative lack of media coverage of the crisis in Venezuela is a good thing.

Is the Obama Administration trying to convince Europeans that it is capable of standing up to Russia?

Obama famous bear trainer

It won’t work. How about trying to convince Latin American nations that we still care about what’s happening there? Perhaps even that, despite President Obama’s inability significantly to affect happenings in Ukraine, we remain more important to Latin American nations than substantially smaller, poorer and less powerful Venezuela?

Does President Obama prefer the Cuban model of Governance, that el Presidente Chávez adopted and el Presidente Maduro has extended, to Putin’s model of Russian Governance? It seems so. Or is He just blowing soap bubbles in hopes that His declining numbers of admirers will be sufficiently impressed with His ability to do at least that?

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Peace process partner scam spam

The Israeli – Palestinian “peace process” scam is finally producing results.

Obama laughs

There’s little worthy of serious note vis a vis the Kerry – Obama  “peace process” for Israel and the Palestinians, beyond its likely failure because key Palestinian leaders are far more dedicated to eliminating Israel than to having peace with her. Nevertheless, and however low it may be in newsworthiness rankings, the principal (if not only) Palestinian “peace process partner,” the Palestinian Authority, has inadvertently helped to augment the volume of my spam e-mail. Here’s a sad plea for help I received today (Warning: as with any spam e-mail, it’s best not to click on the links this one contains):

Sallam  Aleikum.

I am Mrs. Suha Tawil Arafat, the wife of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader who died in Paris. Since the death of my husband I have been humiliated by the present leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. I have been subjected to physical torture.

As a widow it was so painful, I have lost confidence with everybody in the country at the moment. I think you must have heard over the media reports on the discovery of my husband hard earned fund in his bank account and allegations of some huge sums of money deposited by my late husband in my name of which I have refuses to disclose or give up to the corrupt Palestine (P.L.O). And they are not relenting on their effort to make me and my only Daughter poor. Hence my desire for a foreign assistance for the future of my only Daughter .But at the moment the issues has been solved and settled after they claimed some of my late husband funds.You can visit the BBC news broadcast below for your understanding of what I am talking about; I am now seeking your assistance in moving this fund to your care because i have made up my mind to stay off from people of Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Please I need your assistant over deposited fund amount $55,000,000,00. (Fifty-Five Million Dollars) with a Bank in abroad, So that I will permit the Bank to transfer the fund to your country for safe keeping and for lucrative business in your country in the name of my Daughter Zahwa. Please let this arrangement be known to you and I alone and l want all our correspondence should be strictly on email alone because my telephone number has been tapped and all my lines are monitoring in my country. lf you are willing to assist for our mutual benefits,

We have to negotiate on your Percentage of the $55,000,000.00 As I am ready to offer you 30% for you to assist me to buy a house and set up a business in the name of my (Daughter Zahwa) in your country and she will come and meet with you, Please do not betray me as you can as well view this report in the year August 2007 on:

This is how l was betrayed by some one l transferred my $11.5 Million Dollars to his Account and he size all the money and review my secret to his friend in Tunis, that is how l lost all the money, Please if you will be honest to me I will entrust more funds into your care and you will be having 30% percent on any of my money you receive, As this is one of the legacy that we will keep for our children.

But In case you don’t accept please do not let me out to the security and international media as I am giving you this information in total confidence. Though we really do not know each other before, but I will greatly appreciate if you render me these assistants in good faith please expedite urgency. I have settled with the people of palestine this very fund now is my right so feel free.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Suha Tawil Arafat.

Please reply here:

Royal Nigerian widows and sons of former high ranking Nigerian government officials, you have been bested. So has Team Obama, whose continuing pitches for ObamaCare are even less credible and coherent.

When will the Iranians develop scam spam technology capable of besting the sad Palestinian widow? Are they working on it diligently at Parchin? In view of their successes in scamming P5+1 experts, it should not be too difficult to barrage even less gullible souls with better and hence more productive scam spam. Perhaps Iran and North Korea can do it jointly, as they have in nuke and missile technology.

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President Obama to initiate Alaska – Russia peace process

This is another “rum enhanced special report” of the sort offered when there’s nothing new and interesting not already covered
widely and/or deeply elsewhere.
* * * * *
Having shown remarkable success in the Israel – Palestinian peace process and in the P5+1 nuke process with Iran, Secretary Kerry will lead Alaska and Russia out of darkness and into the light before there is more violence. President Obama will have Secretary Kerry’s back

He did WHAT?

Obama did WHAT?

Incredible numbers of Alaskans have already petitioned the White House to return Alaska to Russia.

A petition that seeks to put Alaska back under Russian control has garnered more than 18,000 signatures in just a few days — about a fifth of what’s needed to capture a formal White House look.

Eighteen thousand equals 2.5 percent of the State’s 2013 population, estimated at 731,449 — making Alaska the forty-ninth most populated State in all fifty-seven. Alaska residents are also the smartest:

The population density of the state is 1.26 people per square mile, ranked the smallest density in the United States.The population density of the state is 1.26 people per square mile, ranked the least dense smallest density in the United States.

Many petitions have been filed with the White House, including one signed by 1776 Texas residents demanding that President Obama be crowned King of the Universe and transported immediately to His new Royal Palace on Jupiter. However, the Alaska petition is far more serious and only President Obama’s unmatched intellectual and legal skills, coupled with His exceptional moral leadership and unique understanding of the complex motivations of foreign leaders, can deal with it.

Deal with it He shall.

Obama Clown

President Obama intends to respond forcefully, producing yet another of His many foreign policy successes of which preventing Iran from having or getting nukes is only one of many examples.

Moving forward quickly because We Can’t Wait, He is already seeking a suitable mediator to help Secretary Kerry. He has asked that ACORN (or one of its many affiliates) volunteer and hopes that the intervention will be as successful as has been that of the Arab League in moving the crucial Israel – Palestinian disputes along fairly and equitably.

Should the peace process stall unexpectedly, President Obama intends to summon Vladimir Putin, the President of a weak regional power, and Sean Parnell, the current (Republican) Governor of Alaska, for meetings at the White House. He expects them to appear promptly if, as and when contacted. If they don’t, He may be forced to use an Executive Decree to return Alaska to Russia without consultation.

Obama and Putin new


Hat tip to Power Line.

Obama famous bear trainer


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