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>OPINION: The California Supreme Court Properly Decided the Case Involving Homosexual Marriage.

>First published by BlogCritics, on 2 June 2009 The recent California Decision on homosexual marriage has little to do with homosexual marriage. One of my former law partners was fond of saying, "we can argue about it or we can … Continue reading

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>Further Reflections on the Nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court

>First published by BlogCritics on 28 May 2009 I hope that were I in President Obama's position, I would not allow questions of gender or ethnicity to sway my decision on whom to nominate to the Supreme Court. Fortunately for … Continue reading

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>Afterthought re 26 May 2009 Sotomayor Article

>Afterthoughts I began to write this article very shortly after reading early this morning that, according to the usual suspects, President Obama had selected Judge Sotomayor as his nominee to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Unfamiliar with her … Continue reading

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>The Envelope, Please . . . The Supreme Court Nominee is. . . Good Grief!

>First published by BlogCritics on 26 May 2009 It was announced today (26 May 2009) that President Obama's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court is Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who has been a judge on the prestigious U.S. Court of Appeals … Continue reading

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>Comments posted to Judicial Empathy and Experience Article

>Thus far, more than two hundred comments have been posted to my 6 May 2009 article on empathy and judicial experience as criteria for selecting Supreme Court justices, published on this site and in the BlogCritics magazine. As of this … Continue reading

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>Should Appointment to the Supreme Court Hinge on Empathy?

>First published on BlogCritics on 6 May 2009 The United States Constitution is silent as to the qualifications of Supreme Court justices. An illiterate ninety year old citizen of North Korea suffering from senile dementia and on life support could, … Continue reading

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>Excessive Pride Goes Before a Fall

>First published on BlogCritics on 1 May 2009. I like my lawyer costume, because I am comfortable wearing it and because it permits me to pontificate on things from a different perspective than do many others on this site. I … Continue reading

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