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>Presidents Chávez, Obama et al Are Meddling Egregiously with Honduras.

>First published by BlogCritics on 30 June 2009 The United States gave the lawfully deposed President of Honduras full support, after giving meager support to the Iranian protesters. Over the weekend, Honduras was about to have a referendum on whether … Continue reading

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>The United States Government Should Not Remain Neutral During the Iranian Protests.

>First published at BlogCritics on 23 June 2009. There are circumstances when neutrality is wise; neutrality in the face of outrageous human rights violations is unwise. Corporations, in my view, have one basic obligation, and it is to those who … Continue reading

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>Judge Sotomayor Belongs to a (GASP) Women’s Organization!

>What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. First published by BlogCritics on 19 June 2009 Judge Sotomayor is catching flack for having accepted, about one year ago, an invitation to join Belizean Grove, a  small, (from one … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin is an Angry White Man

>First published on BlogCritics on 14 June 2009. PARODY or SATIRES I can’t figure out which. This is to honor all true patriots as they go boldly forth to silence evil voices. The United States is distressingly full of angry … Continue reading

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>President Obama’s Cairo Speech — a Worthwhile Effort or an Exercise in Narcissism?

>President Obama’s Cairo speech was full of sound and peacefulness, but signified little. First published by Blogcritics on 9 June 2009. President Obama delivered an historic — some would say "masterful" — speech in Cairo on 4 June 2009. Some … Continue reading

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>¡Viva el Presidente Chávez! Part II

>First published on BlogCritics on 7 June 2009 In the first part of this article, I tried to explain the pitiful situation in which Venezuela now finds herself under El Presidente Chávez, some ten years after he came to power. … Continue reading

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>¡Viva El Presidente Chávez! Part I

>First published on BlogCritics on 6 June 2009 Hugo Chávez became the President of Venezuela (now renamed the "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela") in 1999. He was reelected to the post in 2002 and again in 2006. The Venezuelan Constitution was … Continue reading

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