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>Oil is not the only mess in the Gulf of Mexico

>Based on the various media accounts I’ve read it’s a mess, reminiscent of Robert Heinlein’s little ditty, When in danger and in doubtRun in circles, scream and shout! The danger and the doubt are certainly present — probably as much … Continue reading

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>Dogs, Horses, Humans and other Animals

>We currently have four dogs, six horses and one cat. Many of us have had animals as pets, yet I wonder whether and to what extent we know them. All are very different, among species, within their respective species and … Continue reading

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Boredom, the Curse of the Cruising Life

I wrote this back sometime in 2001 or maybe 2002, and it was intended as a spoof of my fellow cruisers. Most don’t have the attitudes suggested, and it’s grossly unfair. Still …………. The teak sparkles with countless coats of … Continue reading

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