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The Past is Prologue.

Sixty-one years ago, on June 25,  1950,  North Korea “unexpectedly” invaded South Korea. The events leading up to the invasion are, of course, now ancient history, little considered in evaluating current events. Stalin, Mao and Kim il-Sung are dead. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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>The Korean Situation is Highly Complex and Difficult

>It’s not your grandfather’s world. In 1910 Korea, long under Japanese military occupation, was formally annexed by Japan. North and South Korea have been divided more or less along the 38th parallel since 1948. This flowed from the 1945 surrender … Continue reading

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>UN Seeks Global Taxes; Obama Administration Says Bend Over.

>It seems as though the United States needs more problems. There has been a demand for a global tax to fund the heroic battle against the horrors of global warming climate change species endangerment. The demand comes from the Secretary-General’s … Continue reading

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