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Jeremiah the Bullfrog for President

In the grand march for human rights at the United Nations, the edicts of which trump our silly old Constitution,  the regrettably backwards United States must cease her foot dragging. The Human Rights Council leads the way, although with little … Continue reading

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Robert E. Lee

There are and have been few like him. General Robert E. Lee died one hundred and thirty-nine years ago on October 12, 1870 (now celebrated as Columbus Day) at the age of sixty-three. We, as a nation, have done with … Continue reading

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Traveling Inland

Now that Storm Tossed and the cat are settled at the Puerto la Grunge marina, it’s time to travel inland. No, not on Storm Tossed, and certainly not with the cat. Going inland is what you came for, isn’t it? … Continue reading

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The cat in the banana tree

Bananas don’t really grow on trees. They grow on stalks, which get to be fifteen feet tall. When they stop having bananas, they’re cut down. Then new stalks appear, which have more bananas and so on. The old cat didn’t … Continue reading

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