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Veterans Administration Cemetery in Houston bans God.

Even President Obama’s religious mentor for twenty years, the Reverend Mr. Wright, used the word that shall no longer be mentioned. According to this article, Local veterans and volunteer groups accuse Department of Veterans Affairs officials of censoring religious speech … Continue reading

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Traveling Inland in Venezuela

After retiring from his law practice in 1996, Dan and his wife Jeanie cruised the Caribbean in their sailboat,  Namaste, until 2001.  Then they settled inland on their finca in rural Panama.  This article was first published back then in … Continue reading

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In memory of Teka, my favorite horse.

Teka, my small (about fourteen hands high) Paso Fino – Quarter Horse mix who died on June 23rd due to a snake bite, was my favorite horse; I have never known one better.  We knew each other well and I … Continue reading

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Weiners and tweeters can end anthropomorphic climate change by 2112.

Sí se puede! Forget about the Sun.  It vanishes at night when we need it most, is about ninety-three million miles away and neither what it does nor doesn’t do significantly affects whether Mother Earth has a chill or a … Continue reading

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Part II — Religious doctrine and politics

This article is Part II of a three part series. Part I is available  here and here. Several Mormons have sought the presidency.  Governor Romney currently does, as does Ambassador Huntsman who said in a recent interview that it is … Continue reading

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Religion, Presidential Politics and Morality, Part I

Religion has political components and politics has religious components. Attorney General Holder once called for an “honest discussion” of race, apparently having in mind instead a dishonest one way communication about White “racism.” That hasn’t turned out well. I would … Continue reading

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Higher education? Higher than what?

It’s not what it’s cracked up to be and often it’s not about learning. This article by Clayton Cramer, published by Pajamas Media on May 24th, suggests some of the problems with higher education. It also reveals others which seem … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of a Senescent Former JAG Officer

When I went away to college in 1959, I joined the Army ROTC because I was concerned about the probability of being drafted and preferred to serve eventually as an officer rather than as an enlisted man. I had no … Continue reading

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The Korean Situation is Highly Complex and Difficult

In 1910 Korea, long under Japanese military occupation, was formally annexed by Japan. North and South Korea have been divided more or less along the 38th parallel since 1948. This flowed from the 1945 surrender of Japan and the decision … Continue reading

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