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Shall we have another Civil War?

That would be a very bad idea. Unhappiness approaching panic is in the air. This article by Roger Kimball suggests some of the reasons: The American poet Frank O’Hara wrote a poem whose title I’ve always admired: “Meditations in an … Continue reading

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Ed Driscoll interviews Mark Steyn

Ed Driscoll of Pajamas Media interviewed Mark Steyn today about his new book After America: Get Ready for Armegeddon.  A link is here. The interview is 21 minutes in length and the “lo-fi” version is about 6 meg.  The interview … Continue reading

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An Analogy for the Debt Mess Resolution.

It’s time to look for the good that can be accomplished and to make it happen. Complaining about past deficiencies will retard rather than advance that process. Let me offer a military analogy.  The first battle in the war has … Continue reading

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