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Support Governor Romney to Preserve the Status Quo.

The Status Quo is Great!Here are the reasons to support Governor Romney: ♥ The transition from President Obama to President Romney will be less traumatic than the transition to any other Republican candidate because they are the most similar; ♥ … Continue reading

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How do you Solve a Problem like Herman Cain?

Our country is suffering from depression and humor deficiency syndrome. I thought Herman Cain had very good shots at winning the Republican nomination and the presidency before I thought he was toast.  Like many other serial flip-floppers, I’ve changed my … Continue reading

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Herman Cain Doesn’t Speak Cuban.

The unmitigated horror of it. Herman Cain has been catching some flack because, in a Cuban restaurant in Miami, he asked how to say “delicious” in Cuban. Doesn’t the cretin know they speak Spanish in Cuba? Sheesh! Maybe Mr. Cain thought … Continue reading

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Headlines Should be Written Carefully.

Here is the headline over a Thanksgiving story: Bidens Host Wounded Warriors for Thanksgiving. Of course, the Bidens’ host hadn’t actually wound any warriors for Thanksgiving, or at least the story didn’t suggest that it had happened. The absence of … Continue reading

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Can Your Kindle Cause Mental Illness?

My wife gave me a Kindle reader for my birthday in June. Although she sought to do good rather than harm, I have become addicted to it and to its free collection of old classics. I should have known that … Continue reading

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What Could Herman Cain Have Done to Revive His Damaged Candidacy?

A postmortem I drafted this article about a week ago and have updated it to reflect current realities. Due to the recent declines in Mr. Cain’s standing, there may be little sense in publishing it now. Nevertheless, here goes. Many … Continue reading

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New Article about Korea

This article, published today at PJ Media, deals with a September report by the Russian Institute of World Economy and International Relations. The institute apparently foresees the collapse of North Korea and the eventual reunification of Korea under the South … Continue reading

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