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What happens after Korans are burned in Afghanistan?

Who did it, why and under what circumstances? What should and should not be done? The military justice system demands justice for our troops.  It does not permit revenge upon them to curry favor with others, even our enemies. The … Continue reading

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Originally posted on danmillerinpanama:
The military justice system demands justice for our troops, not revenge upon them to curry favor with others. The video of U.S. Marines who apparently urinated on Taliban corpses has gone viral and not only the…

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The Rio + 20 Summit will promote sustainable deterioration for all.

It does not go far enough. The much awaited Rio + 20 conference on sustainable development of good stuff for everyone calls for full participation ultimately (although not necessarily at the Summit itself) by all because Sustainable development requires major … Continue reading

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Two elderly posts about the murders of the Fogel Family

In view of the current and worsening situations in Israel and in enemy states, these articles still seem relevant. Those who forsake humanity should have no legitimate expectation of being accorded the human rights they deny to others. Yet many … Continue reading

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Voting rights of the unliving must be protected no less than those of the undead.

In a little reported but much appreciated Friday evening news dump, Attorney General Holder responded to recent statements that only 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote in the United States. He professed shock and profound dismay at the … Continue reading

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President Obama has done a truly remarkable job.

Unfortunately, I can think of few favorable remarks to make. According to Maya Angelou, President Obama has done a remarkable job.  In some respects, I suppose he has. As promised, for example, he has cause the seas to cease their … Continue reading

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The U.S. Constitution, Contraception and Abortion

The United States Constitution provides for specified individual rights. However, it does not require that we pay, other than through constitutionally authorized taxes or borrowed funds, for others to exercise even those specified rights. It appears to be the contention … Continue reading

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