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The March 16th Executive Order can be hazardous to our health.

The Executive Order slightly modifies prior justifications for governmental control over all sectors of the economy. Expansive authority can still be exercised at the discretion of the President and those whom he selects under broadly undefined circumstances and with little … Continue reading

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President Obama ain’t no el Presidente Chávez.  Yet. But what if he gets another four years in office and a compliant Congress? That's no chip on my shoulder Where's MY parrot? When el Presidente Chávez took…

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The olden days of air travel were horridly primitive.

We didn’t have the TSA, delicious airline meals or pleasant flight attendants. It’s all so much better now. Don’t believe it? Just watch these shocking videos. Don’t laugh. That film was made only eight years before I was born so … Continue reading

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UPDATE: An unnamed government official is denying a decision has been made, but does not deny the conversation took place.  Reuters has not backed down from the story. “The Obama administration…

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i deserv, i mean lik, yu no, more betr edutasion

the wurld aint fare and i deserv lots more betr stuff then i get.  mostli i deserv a gudd edutasion so i kan hav lotsa monie two liv gud and sav th wurld like i wanna. i weasted twelve years  … Continue reading

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Medical establishment seeks to chemically castrate ‘aberrant thoughts’ by Paul Joseph Watson As part of the headlong rush towards a Brave New World society, the establishment is feverishly pushing pharmaceutical drugs that chemically castrate an…

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A guest post by Gidon Ben-Zvi, a freelance Israeli writer Purim in Nachalot, Jerusalem, 2012: Photo taken by Assaf Astrinsky A weekend that ended with over 200 rockets and mortar shells being launched from the Gaza Strip toward Be’er Sheba,…

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At least the Obama flag was below the U.S. flag. Notice from the photo how the picture of President Obama merely took the place of the fifty seven states. His graciousness is overwhelming.

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Rep. Allen West Supports National Graduated Driver Licensing Legislation.

I greatly respect Colonel West and wish he were running for higher office. Were he to seek the Presidency, I would vote for him with enthusiasm.  However, on this matter I think he has stepped into a trap. According to … Continue reading

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Zuhair al-Qaissi, terror kingpin of Popular Resistance Committees David Horovitz in the Times of Israel has an excellent article, Beyond the Gaza Headlines,  debunking the anti-Israel hype and propaganda surrounding the latest round of…

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