I posted this article last December, but in view of the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena and the focus there on the failed war on drugs, it seems timely now.


Brother’s keeper? Big Government is no kindly brother; it’s a bully.

Remember the Darwin Awards? They are said to be given posthumously to those whose irresponsible antics prevent them from continuing to pollute the gene pool.

Voluntary users of street drugs seem to be in the running for such awards, yet society tries valiantly but ineffectively to save them from the consequences of their own irresponsibility at costs that sometimes far exceed the minimal benefits — even to them. Freedom to behave stupidly is good, provided that no harm results to others and, concomitantly, that those who behave stupidly aren’t given benefits taken from those who behave responsibly.  The sword of freedom has two edges and if one is to enjoy freedom’s benefits one must accept its responsibilities as well; neither  immunity from freedom’s detriments nor sympathetic understanding should be granted to those who whine about being picked on…

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  2. As you said, I’m a bit dubious about some points but, as I said on a similar post a few days ago, almost anything is better than what we are doing now.

    I do think Clarissa has a point (on the original post) but we got out of Prohibition reasonably unscathed. This is one area where mainstream conservatives are wrong, it is completely acceptable to me if you want to apply for a Darwin award (nice phrase BTW) as long as you don’t expect me to pay for your stupidity.

    As for your foreign commenter, I think that prohibition till 18 or 21 is fine (just like alcohol) by any reasonable standard you are supposed to be mature enough by then to understand that actions have consequenses.

    In short, I agree, as should any right thinking conservative. It’s all about personal responsibility and thus it’s imperative as part of the return to what was.

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