The label “torture” is often used to denigrate actions that are not “torture.” Unpleasant though they are and are intended to be, water boarding, sleep deprivation, humiliation and the like are not akin to fingernail removal, beatings, genital electric shock and the like. Yet the same label is applied as though all were the same.

Misapplication of labels to diminish the chances of rational, fact based discussion is quite often the tactic used when rational, fact based discussion is seen as undesirable.

The Neosecularist

Now might be the best opportunity available to become an anti-American terrorist, if you listen to anything the Arianna Nation (HuffPost) has to say on the matter of prisoner “torture” and enhanced interrogation techniques, which include water-boarding and sleep deprivation.  And on that note, just how many anti-American terrorists does the Arianna Nation continuously give aid and comfort to by writing anti-American trash every day?

The point of the so-called “torture” techniques is obvious to anyone with a drop of American blood in them: to extrapolate vital and timely information from captured combatants (terrorists) and use that information to save many more lives, as many as possible, from being murdered.  For any hot-blooded, anti-American, anti-Western terrorist wanna-be, the chance to kill American soldiers is hard to pass up.  If we (America) were actually to give up on these techniques, which are used selectively and deliberately on very specific individuals, and…

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I was graduated from Yale University in 1963 with a B.A. in economics and from the University of Virginia School of law, where I was the notes editor of the Virginia Law Review in 1966. Following four years of active duty with the Army JAG Corps, with two tours in Korea, I entered private practice in Washington, D.C. specializing in communications law. I retired in 1996 to sail with my wife, Jeanie, on our sailboat Namaste to and in the Caribbean. In 2002, we settled in the Republic of Panama and live in a very rural area up in the mountains. I have contributed to Pajamas Media and Pajamas Tatler. In addition to my own blog, Dan Miller in Panama, I an an editor of Warsclerotic and contribute to China Daily Mail when I have something to write about North Korea.
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  1. Thanks for the clarification, how far away 1972 seems. And yeah, I miss it. Me too. In 1972, I was working as an associate in a D.C. law firm after having completed my four years as a JAG Corps officer. I had my private pilot license and was working on my commercial, instrument and multi engine ratings. It was a good time.

  2. Afterthought. I’m not saying we should, just that that is what my memory says is their actual status. Obiously, they have very limited intelligence potential dead, which is also my problem with the current emphasis on drone attacks, which is even more bloodthirsty.

    • I agree that, once killed, people become inadequate sources of intelligence.

      As to your earlier comment, the Geneva Convention is now thought to incorporate multiple conventions and treaties, some of which the United States has signed and ratified and some of which she has not. Many of them are quite ambiguous, speaking for example of “humane treatment,” a phrase open to broad and varying interpretations subject to subsequent disagreement by a tribunal.

      How is a lowly intelligence officer to behave in the field? Probably very circumspectly and with a “CYA” attitude if he desires advancement or even simply not to be assigned paper clip inventory duties pending discharge or worse.

  3. Just a thought that recurs to me. Even enemy combatant seems to me to overstate the situation. Do not these, ununiformed, nonmilitary, aggressors fit more into the category of spy and/or partisan which to my very rusty remembrance of a long ago course on the Geneva Convention subject to summary execution, much as with Otto Skorzeny’s people?

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