President Obama, Citizen Julia and other Fictitiously Enlightened People.

Reality can be unpleasant.
Unreality can bring temporary happiness.
Fluff masquerading as news can bring
longer lasting ennui.

If during the 2008 presidential campaign the media had “vetted” Candidate Obama even tepidly, they might have exposed realities that many would have found disturbing. That could have had unpleasant consequences for some and didn’t happen. Instead, we were treated to refreshing showers of warm fluff mixed with unreality sufficiently encouraging  to cause us to hope that it was real. Perhaps Global Warming Smarming had something to do with it. Or maybe ideology prevailed.  As Roger Kimball notes,

During the 2008 campaign, many of us asked the question: “Who is Barack Obama?” It wasn’t a question that Obama’s official PR firms—The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc.–were interested in, no sirree, but it was a question that some of us pajamas-wearing-bitter-enders asked ourselves when we weren’t snake handling or nuzzling our firearms.

During Mr. Obama’s campaign for the Illinois Senate, his Republican opponent’s sealed divorce records were unsealed and resulted in the withdrawal of that opponent from the race; Mr. Obama won handily.  Many records pertaining to Presidential Candidate Obama have also been sealed. Due to the persistent efforts of President Obama’s minions and to deficiencies in investigative reporting that are strangely absent when other candidates are vetted, most remain sealed and unavailable for review.

There cannot and will not be trust without verification and we are becoming a nation where trust is in short supply. Yet the forecast is for deluges of continued fluff mixed with unreality as the 2012 election nears. Hence, President Obama will probably remain a secret, like Robert Frost’s secret who sits in the middle and knows while we dance around in a ring and suppose. Unfortunately, the principal media seem not to have noticed that President sits in the middle or even that the circle of secrecy exists; fortunately, the principal media seem to be in a bit of a decline as the internet becomes more widely relied upon by those interested in learning about facts and diverse opinions; unfortunately, there are not enough of them.

So little time, so much to conceal.

Has any other president or candidate tried with such success to do that? It may be President Obama’s true signature accomplishment

Who is President Obama now and what does that augur for a second term?  Is it racist to ask? Might answers damage him or even his sons who, he tells us, would look a lot like Trayvon? Who was Herman Cain and why wasn’t it racist to ask about him? Was his conservative stance too objectionable despite, or because of, his race? How about Congressman West? Is there fear that a reporter can be arrested, as a school teacher told a high school student in North Carolina that he could be, for disrespecting President Obama but not anyone who opposes or even questions him?

“let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.” She yells over the student repeatedly, and yells at him that it’s disrespect for him to even debate about Romney and Obama.

Might that have been the case even before Candidate Obama became President Obama? It seems to have been. What about the Reverend Mr. Wrong Wright? I don’t know. Did he along with President Obama’s exotic heritage enhance Candidate Obama’s appeal? Do they still? Certainly nothing must be allowed to diminish his exotic aura even now.

If President Obama is reelected and has more flexibility, will he accelerate the pace at which he slouches leftward, as many on the right fear and for which many on the left, albeit less enthusiastically and with less confidence than in 2008, hope?  My guess is that if he has another four years in office some even on the left may become slightly better educated and that the unpleasant truth will dawn that their own indoctrination education on his behalf is becoming too expensive even for them; probably not those already completely in thrall to the conviction that whatever they may desire should, and therefore must, be provided at no cost.

President Obama has invented many composite people; his New York girl friend for example, unnoticed by the principal media (and apparently by everyone else) until recently:

What stands out from the composite story isn’t that Obama amalgamated characters, it’s that the press hadn’t noticed until now. As with the dog story, this confirms the suspicion that the mainstream media gave Obama a free pass in 2008 and declined to check too deeply into his background. Even The Atlantic’s Graham admits that he’s never read Dreams From My Father, and neither, it would seem, has anyone else in the press corps.

Composite beings like his beloved Julia, who receive Federal assistance during every phase of their happily dependent existences (blessings be upon them), are useful because their admirers are unlikely to change their perceptions; fellow members of the Julia Fan Club might then shun them.

Probably not a member of the Julia Fan Club

President Obama is also a composite, but more sophisticated than dependent little Julia.  He is our very own first Jewish President,

our very own first Hoodie President

and our very own first Gay President.

I nearly forgot to mention that he is also our very own first really green president.  Not green in the sense of Kermit the Frog but in the sense of being grossly inexperienced (he was and remains so). He is also true blue green in the sense of subsidizing green energy, not green in the sense of leaving more green stuff in our pockets but in the sense of trying at great cost to reduce the use of abundant and economical energy sources that produce poisonous carbon dioxide. Pardon me; I need to relight my pipe.

For composite serfs like Julia, everything may continue to seem to be peaches and cream with another four years of President Obama and accelerating Federal engorgement. They can still hope that fluff, unreality and the ignorance they breed will continue to provide perpetual happiness at least until the horrors of a possible non-Obama presidency raise their ugly heads. How many votes does each composite voter deserves? Is merely one vote for each enough?  How about several for each component of the composite so that we may atone affirmatively for the deprivations they or their kin may have suffered under prior administrations?

Media reports on the presidential candidates are generally proceeding apace. Here’s one news scenario.

Pic Of The Day: Seattle Reporter Mocks Mitt Romney By Arriving On Red Carpet In Dog Kennel Strapped To Top Of Car…

Unclear if she will attempt to mock Obama by feasting on a dog’s flesh.

First Dog Bo should be worried; so should the rest of us for different reasons. If the “news” focus continues to be on who may long ago have been inadequately appreciative of the welfare of pups, who may in the even more distant past have “bullied” whom and how nicely the First Lady’s vegetable garden grows instead of on who really is the guy we call President Obama and what that means for us, we had better plant our very own survival gardens.

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