This begging is getting old, embarassing and disgusting very quickly.

I just received this begging e-mail from the Deputy Campaign Manager of Obama for America.

Obama - Biden

Friend —

If we’re drastically outspent in this election, there’s a very good chance we will lose to Mitt Romney.

This is a distinct possibility. The financial landscape in this race has changed over the last few weeks.

What concerns me is the Obama supporters I’ve encountered who don’t understand that this is what we’re facing.

The fundraising deadline this week is a test: Are we going to allow the other side to dominate us, or are we going to prove that elections are decided by everyday Americans pitching in what they can?

Ready to fight? Please donate $3 or more today, ahead of the FEC deadline.

What’s at stake here goes beyond the progress we’ve made so far, or anything the President wants to do in a second term.

What’s at stake is the very idea that regular people should still be in control of elections in this country.

Barack Obama proved in 2008 that millions of people giving $10, $20, or $50 at a time are an undeniable force. Today, our campaign is bigger and faster. We’re opening more offices and recruiting more volunteers to knock on doors.

If we allow the spending disadvantage to get beyond a certain point, none of that will matter. Mitt Romney will win, and it will be because we couldn’t keep up.

We can’t let that happen. I’m proud of how we’re building this campaign, and I’m not about to let a handful of billionaires prove us wrong.

Donate $3 or more today:



Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. — Today, any donation you make here automatically enters you to join President Obama on the trail next week. We’re saving two seats on the campaign bus, right next to the President — one for you, one for your guest. (Emphasis added.)

Yesterday, I posted two other Obama begging e-mails here, one from my friend Barack (he claims to be that) and the other from his charming First Lady. I had received both yesterday. Will they all next sit outside Roman Catholic churches and Planned Parenthood facilities with poor little Julia, all with tin cups in their hands and tears in their eyes?

Is there no pride or even dignity in this President? For himself or for his our Country? Does he not mind embarrassing our country in this way? Is that what he is trying to do?

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13 Responses to This begging is getting old, embarassing and disgusting very quickly.

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  10. Mike says:

    “Friend – I represent a wealthy Kenyan Prince who is about receive a very large inheritance. There is only one problem, he needs a U.S. Citizen to accept it for him, then wire it to Kenya where he grew up. He is gladly willing to give you 10% of the proceeds which would amount to $500 Million. All he needs is your bank account information, your mothers maiden name and your social security number. Please send this information ASAP to http://www.reelectbarakobama,com and we can make the arrangements.”

    • Well, I don’t know. This is a very serious matter. Them Kenyan fellas don’t offer me two seats on the ObamaBus, a far more delightful prize than mere money. I want to ride that bus so that I can see all the former Obama supporters beneath it.

  11. Aw, go ahead and send him a tea bag. Well used, of course.

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