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Federal District Court Upholds Arizona Abortion Restrictions.

Recognizing that prior to “viability” a fetus experiences pain during an abortion, and that the Arizona statute does not prohibit abortions necessary for the health of  pregnant women, the court rejected a challenge to the law. By Order released on … Continue reading

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Governor Romney, in Israel, offends “Palestinian” leaders.

They are easily offended, perhaps because they are themselves offensive. If there is anyone here who does not read Power Line, he is missing one of the best blogs around.  Here is an article at today’s Power Line entitled “A … Continue reading

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Originally posted on John Malcolm:
By Craig Bannister | July 29, 2012 | CNS News If the government owns the rain and can punish you for using it without permission, shouldn’t it be liable for the damage its rain does? Oregon is sending…

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Originally posted on Anne's Opinions:
Mitt Romney’s speech in Jerusalem Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney arrived in Israel yesterday for some pre-election diplomatic talks and fund-raising for his election campaign, and his wonderful speech to the Jerusalem Foundation has…

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We shall bring Equal Education to all of Our Subjects.

They shall have it regardless of whether they want it. We shall do this by equalizing outcomes for all. Thus spake our Lord and Master. Thanks and a tip of the hat to John Malcolm and the Daily Caller for … Continue reading

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Originally posted on John Malcolm:
By Jonathan S. Tobin | July 25, 2012 | Commentary Magazine Though the press largely dropped the story weeks ago, no controversy has the potential to do as much long-term damage to the Obama presidency as…

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Is anybody there? Does anybody care? This excellent and lengthy article summarizes and sources numerous recent attacks on Christians throughout Islamland. It cites few of the “principled” media as sources, probably because they rarely report on such trivial matters. Too … Continue reading

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