According to this article by Short Little Rebel, the wealth of the Obamas has increased from only $1.3 million in 2008 to $11.8 million currently. That’s outstanding over a short four years. How might he have done it and why?

I had understood that wealth is wicked, praised by venal Republicans and despised by noble Democrats, that there comes a point at which one earns too much for the common good, that wealth should be distributed to the less fortunate and that poverty cleanses the soul. With President Obama in charge, there must be many more cleansed souls than when he assumed office. Unfortunately, his is apparently not among them.

Perhaps President Obama needs another term in office to teach the rest of us – and the Government as well – how he does it.

On the other hand, might it not be better were he to resume his crucial but low paying career as a teacher, without the pesky distractions imposed by high public office, and teach us in that capacity? There may yet be hope for the country should he do so.

Short Little Rebel

Oh, this is just rich (no pun intended…ok, I admit it, pun intended)!  Only the O’s have increased their wealth by TEN TIMES in the last four years!!!!  They stared as millionaires and are now millionaires ten times over.  And they lambast RICH people?  Wanna know why?  Because their wealth doesn’t come from being a BUSINESS OWNER, it comes from their POLITICS.  Victim politics.  Race politics.  Hate politics.  And politics of DIVISION- ALL of it made them rich- even  Obama’s victim biographies were about politics.  They don’t hate rich people (au contraire!)  They just hate business people.  The medium & little ones.  From the very wealthy ones, they will soak up every penny.

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  1. Mike says:

    So I guess the stimulus DID work! For Obama anyway.

  2. Cry and Howl says:

    Hmmmmmm … dastardly rich people!

  3. Peter P. Reising says:

    Dan this is an excellent, no Exceptional point! Thx., Pete

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