Israel faces a threat far greater than did the United States in 2001.

The damage done to the United States on September 11, 2001 was horrific. Yet we are able each year to hold somber Nine-Eleven remembrances. Should the greater and more obvious threat now facing Israel not be countered, there may be no one left in Israel to hold similar remembrances.

I had set out to re-blog this article entitled A View From Israel: Learning the lessons. My comments became too extensive. Hence, this article instead. Please do read the linked article. It is frightening and if widely read and considered may help to bring us to our senses.

The linked article deals briefly with some of the warnings the United States had before Nine-Eleven and our failures, in retrospect, to consider and to act upon them with adequate seriousness. Great immediate damage was done to the United States as a whole, including of course the many lives lost when four airliners were hijacked and crashed, two of them into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon and one, apparently taken over by valiant passengers before it could crash into the Capitol building, into a field in Pennsylvania. The immediate effects were horrible, almost beyond words. Other effects remain, many of them imposed on us by our own Government. They diminish our own freedoms as citizens. Yet we are still here to hold services of remembrance.

The linked article also examines Israel’s current situation; she faces far worse than the United States experienced on Nine-Eleven. Israel is a small country in land area and population. A single nuclear strike would likely wipe her off the face, not only of the map, but of the Earth — as consistently and frequently promised by Iran’s supreme “cleric,” her President and others; are they joking? I do not think they are. Instead, they are quite likely laughing at us as they string us along with negotiations leading to sanctions.  While harmful to the people of Iran, sanctions do not seem seriously to affect her leaders; that is common in the case of sanctions.  The isolation of Iran has been among the stated purposes for sanctions. That has not worked, as witness the meeting in Tehran last month of nearly one hundred members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), sixty of them represented by heads of state. The Pakistani Ambassador to Tehran, Khalid Aziz Babar, said

the Non-Aligned Movement summit, which is scheduled to be held in Tehran from August 26 to 31, is indicative of the fact that Iran has good relationship with many countries across the world.

Speaking to the Persian service of the Fars News Agency on Tuesday, Babar described Iran-Pakistan relations as close and emphasized the necessity to cement ties in all spheres. (Emphasis added.)

As noted in my article linked above,

Despite her initial opposition, the United States declined to voice disapproval of the Secretary-General’s attendance after his decision had been made.  Iran seems to be delighted that Ban Ki-moon decided to attend in order not to miss an “opportunity.”

The Iranian government is characterizing its hosting of the summit and the attendance of Ban and numerous heads of state as evidence that U.S.-led efforts to isolate Iran have failed miserably.

It has signaled its intention to use the summit of developing nations to circumvent Western sanctions and rally support for its nuclear program, which it insists is peaceful.

Ahmadinejad aide Ebrahim Azizi said Wednesday the summit proved that the “satanic plots” hatched by Israel and “arrogant powers” – that is, the U.S. and Western allies – have been “futile,” the Mehr news agency reported.

“The upcoming NAM summit in Tehran is an invaluable opportunity for Iran to show its diplomatic prowess and demonstrate that it’s impossible for the bullying powers and their stooges to isolate it,” Iranian diplomat Mohammad-Reza Majidi told a press conference late Wednesday. (Emphasis added.)

Iran, a nascent nuclear power, and her allies pose the principal threat to Israel. They also present a threat of (and to) many other nations in the Mid East becoming nuclear powers.

Continuing with A View From Israel: Learning the lessons: rather than the loss of three thousand lives, Israel faces the loss of most of her population. The United States Government evidently feels far less urgency than it would were the United States facing a comparably existential threat. The Israeli Government, quite naturally and properly, feels much the same urgency that the United States would, or should, feel were that threat directed at the United States. Israel also experiences frustration with the “patience” of the United States and her insistence on sanctions that, despite their continuation and increasing severity (often ignored by our allies and others), have done little if anything even to delay Iran’s acquisition of the means to do what she has long promised to do.

[T]oday, when Israel hears the Iranian warnings, sees the Iranian effort to build a weapon that can destroy it, and is reacting with urgency, the West lambastes Israel for attempting to do now what the US admits it should have done before 9/11.

Tension between Jerusalem and Washington over Iran erupted on Tuesday when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that the world tells Israel to wait and that there is still time. “And I say wait for what? Wait until when? Those in the international community who refuse to put deadlines in front of Iran do not have the moral right to put a red light before Israel.”

Nor do they, facing no immediate existential threat themselves, have the moral right to flash a red light at Israel, demanding that she wait until such time, if ever, as they become comfortable with “containing” a nuclear Iran or with what needs to be done to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Netanyahu’s comments came in the wake of statements by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday, and State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland on Monday, that the US had no intention of putting either red lines or deadlines in front of the Iranians.

The growing threats posed by Hitler’s Germany in the early and mid 1930’s were similarly taken lightly; in many quarters those who saw, feared and spoke of eliminating them were mocked. Did they think that Herr Hitler was joking? High on drugs? Blowing smoke? In consequences, we and our allies lost far more lives and had a far worse, more deadly, longer and more expensive war than if effective steps had been taken to stop Germany’s rearmament before Germany began her diplomatic and then military accretions of “lebensraum.” Had we done so, World War II might well have been avoided. Following World War II, much of Europe fell to another perverse power, the U.S.S.R. Recovery from that was slow, painful and cost many lives. That recovery now seems in some respects to be falling apart as Russia gains ascendency while that of the United States dribbles away.

Today, Iran is set on its path to dominate the world through Islam and it clearly intends to do so through apocalyptic means. The West’s blindness that existed before 9/11 has returned. If US complacency with regard to the 2009 Iranian elections and the current horrific situation in Syria is any indication, Israel should not rely on the US – or anyone else, for that matter – to stand together with it in the event of an attack. (Emphasis added.)


There were signs which, if given full credence in early 2001, could have led to steps perhaps adequate to avoid or at least to minimize the effects of the Nine-Eleven disaster. Those signs were far less concrete than those now pointing to the destruction of Israel. Yet our Government seeks to calm Israel and demands that no military action be taken until after our November election. It seems that United States electoral politics trump sanity. That is hardly new, but in this case seems likely to produce far worse results for Israel, the Middle East and ultimately even for the United States than in the past.

Will we awaken before Israel ceases to exist, or will we simply continue to doze blissfully under our “Smart Policy” comforter? It’s warm down there and sleep comes easily. As we doze, perhaps having dreams or nightmares about who will win our November elections, dangerous things continue to happen. Will there be enough people left in Israel following a nuclear attack to hold solemn remembrances for years thereafter?

Or will it be up to us and others throughout what remains of the free world to hold solemn remembrances on their behalf, remembrances drenched with regret for what we should have done but failed to do while time remained to do it?

NOTE: Here is an article by Barry Rubin on a matter that is perhaps collateral, but perhaps closely related to the above. Either way, it points to our failures in Libya and elsewhere during and following the Arab Spring, the waters flowing from which have become toxic.

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5 Responses to Israel faces a threat far greater than did the United States in 2001.

  1. Boeke says:

    Ruvy’s post gives one some idea of the insanity that infests the middleeast, preoccupied, as it is, with religious extremism. His rant even reminds us that the attack on the USS Liberty was NO mistake.

    It behooves Americans to be very circumspect about our affairs in the middleeast, in particular with respect to Israel and the dangers of being swept up in their “Never again” apocalyptic nightmares.

    • Boeke, when the wicked Joos get around to beheading, stoning, torturing and imprisoning apostates, sending youthful suicide bombers into “Palestine” and praising them, please do let me know.

      As to the threats facing Israel, they are existential and could set off a major conflagration throughout the Middle East. For the United States to say, “Oh bliffle piffle” is disgraceful.

    • Ruvy says:

      Boeke, had your country done the right things in the first place, i.e. bombing the railways and other routes to concentration camps in Europe that were murdering Jews, and after that evil was ended, pressuring Britain to admit Jews into the Palestine Mandate from the DP camps in Europe, and allowing arms to reach the Hagana, and the Etze”l, you would not be paying the price you are now. Had your government had real courage, and had they supported Israeli independence in 1948 by making sure the British did not hamstring the efforts of the IDF to capture the northern Sinai and Judea and Samaria THEN, you would have reaped the eternal loyalty of the Jewish People both in America and in Israel; and you would be a dominant power today in the world, for your banksters would have been forced to lay off of you in 1945 by a government that KNEW where the real evil was – and which would have combated that evil before it was strong enough to overtake you.

      Your leaders didn’t have REAL courage then, and you are paying NOW for the cowardice and sins of your own leaders THEN. And you, Boeke, have neither the honesty nor the intelligence to understand that the “realpolitik” your country followed as the opposite of what I recommended in the preceding paragraph, was part of the same evil that has you in the hole of debt and penury you are in now, in debt up to your eyeballs and held in contempt world-wide – except by those who think they can squeeze one last drop of milk out of the American cash cow before it drops dead of exhaustion. It is no accident that the late Ambassador Stevens – who kissed Arab butt – was raped before he was killed and dragged through Libyan streets as he was dying. You are being taught the contempt that even those who you put into power hold you in. That’s justice!

      That is why I have very little sympathy for your nation now. I worry over good people like Dan Miller and his beloved – for they do not deserve to suffer the evil that will fall on the United States in a short time. Perhaps being in Panamá will shield them a bit. I know of other good people like Dan – who are not lucky enough to have left the United States, and who are stuck there. My sympathy is with them – not you.

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  3. Ruvy says:

    Dan, the truth is that we we warned in the Tana”kh that the world would come against Israel and try to wipe her memory from the planet. The secular, non-religious, G-d hating and Torah hating fools on Government Hill in Jerusalem are finally having the REALITY of this prophecy shoved down their lying throats.

    For all that, they do not have the balls to do what they have to do. This is what they have to do.

    1. Sink the American (and other) ships in the Mediterranean and elsewhere that can shut down our electronics.

    2. NUKE TEHERAN, QOM, JEDDA AND MECCA. Leaving these places in nuclear ruins will teach the Arab and Persian enemy that ALLÁH IS THE G-D OF ISRAEL, and that He will afford them NO protection against the Chosen of G-d. When the Romans destroyed OUR Temple 2,000 years ago, it really messed with the heads of the survivors. It nearly destroyed Judaism as a faith, not to mention nearly killing the spirit of the Jewish People. Destroying the Qa’aba will mess up the heads of the Jew-haters in Islam in the same way.

    3. Destroy NOT WITH NUKES, the Aswan High Dam and END PERMANENTLY the Muslim Brotherhood and its terror régime in Egypt. This is in line with Ezekiel 29 warning of the destruction of Egypt.

    4. Execute ALL the “Palestinian” terrorists and end the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria. Impose as starvation siege on Gaza.

    The point is, Dan, that all this can be done in ONE DAY if planned out properly.

    But cowards who have been bought out – and make NO mistake about this, both Netanyahu are bought out cowards and traitors – will not have the guts to act in a decisive way.

    So what WILL happen is this. WE in Israel will be attacked by missiles from the north and from the south, as we were in 2006. The difference between then and now is that there will be hundreds of missiles striking daily, and thousands here will die. I believe that if we see gas missiles in use against us, it will be a sign of Divine Judgment. The government of Israel will be killed off in this war. Others will emerge to do what has to be done. HOWEVER, there will be no Arab state rising on the ashes of the dead Zionist régime.

    It may well occur that the enemy will use a nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv. I expect this to happen – but I cannot say this will happen for sure. This I AM sure of. Missiles meant for government buildings in Jerusalem will destroy both the al ‘Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of Omar. When the fighting does die down, we will construct G-d’s House of Splendour for all nations on the Temple Mount. And gnosis will strike the agnostics, and the good folk, like you, will be happy in what you see.

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