President Obama and his Administration are peddling snake oil laced with nostrums as a cure for our international problems – for many of which they are responsible. They either know that it won’t work and has seriously adverse side effects or are sufficiently deluded to think it is great stuff and will cure all ills. Although I consider the latter worse than the former, both are massively damaging our national security – and killing people.


There have been suggestions that the motion picture set to glorify President Obama’s heroically gutsy call for the successful execution of Osama bin Laden not be released. The administration claims that a pitiful attempt at a video, cheaply produced with no Government backing at all, was the cause of the toxicity of the Arab Spring. If that is the case, one glorifying President Obama – produced with the full backing and support of the Obama Administration – for his role in the death of someone regarded as a Savior of Islam will make matters far worse. I expect the motion picture to be released as scheduled, thus putting the lie to the Administration’s absurd and defensive claims that the video was the cause of rioting and deaths.


Whether President Obama and his Administration are terminally deluded or are aware of their mistakes and trying desperately to get President Obama reelected, we simply must end his reign of incompetence and/or duplicity this November. Governor Romney has not yet shown himself to be a whiz at foreign policy. However, he at least seems to hold the best interests of the United States firmly in his mind and heart. If elected, he will seem to be a highly competent and dedicated genius in comparison to his predecessor. I’ll settle for that and hope that, unlike his predecessor, he grows rather than shrinks while in office.


(From the very week it happened… 091612)

As I sat and watched a Fox News interview with Ambassador to the Untied Nations Dr. Susan Rice, I had a serious Obama 2008 campaign flashback.  A serious flashback.  I have to blame it on the brown acid.

Dr. Susan Rice stated, unequivocally, that the relationship between Israel and the United States “had never been stronger”…  Never.

This is when everything got too colorful and the fern in the corner began to chant… “if not now, when?”  It was the same collective chant of Obama voters from his inauguration.

Pulling myself together, I thought about what the fern was saying.

So… when?

The follow-up question that was not asked by Chris Wallace was “When has it been weaker Dr. Rice?”

When has the relationship been in a situation that the Muslim Brotherhood is orchestrating a multinational consolidation of Islamo-Fascist Radicals with the ultimate goal of…

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