Gunrunning in Benghazi. For and Against Whom and Why the Attack?

Earlier today, I re-blogged a post from Arizona Conservative on U.S. gunrunning in Benghazi. It now seems clear that that is what we were doing. In the re-blog, I asked who conducted the organized military operation against the American compound in Benghazi: were they radical Islamist anti-Assad Jihadists, “moderate” Islamist anti-Assad Jihadists, pro-Assad fighters or what? If, as seems apparent, we were transferring former Libyan weaponry, who stood to benefit by killing Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans who seem to have been there to facilitate the transfers?

Four videos are provided below (thanks and a tip of the hat to Let Freedom Ring) that may shed a little bit of light, although they hardly begin to provide even foggy answers to my questions.

The first two videos involve an interview with a former CIA agent who had found herself in comparable situations elsewhere; then, the U.S. responses were prompt and effective. No comparable response to the situation in Benghazi was made despite warnings from Ambassador Stevens prior to the attack and real-time drone coverage during the attack — available in the White House situation room, at the State Department, at the CIA, at DOD and elsewhere.

That’s bad, but perhaps even worse from the standpoint of national security are that questions of what we were doing there have been only partially asked but remain unaddressed and questions of why and for whom we were doing it remain largely unasked and unaddressed. There has been no administration clarification or even attempt at clarification; perhaps because the administration still sees no need for it or because it thinks that clarification would be politically disadvantageous.

The need to keep some information secret may be based on national security, and that is understandable. However, this is beginning to smell more and more like pre-election political security for the Obama Administration. Although understandable, that is hardly acceptable.

What we were doing in Benghazi, why, for whom, against whom and who were the attackers?

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7 Responses to Gunrunning in Benghazi. For and Against Whom and Why the Attack?

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  6. Don’t be surprised if some day it comes out that Putin had a role in this.

    • At this point, I think that the only things likely to surprise me would be to learn that (a) President Obama is competent and (b) he has the best interests of the United States at heart.

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