Here is a Great New Ad for our Historically Sexy President.

Could it possibly be real?
It seems to be.

This ad says “Paid for by Obama for America” as well as  Vote.BarackObama.Com. Could even The One we have been waiting for be this sleazy?

Is it a fake? I almost think it has to be. I almost wish it were, even though it may earn President Obama the Noble Piece Prize. However, Slate considers it legitimate:

Together with Monday’s “You Don’t Own Me” get-out-the-vote ad, in which Dunham and other young female writers, actors, directors, and artists lip-synched Lesley Gore’s 1963 classic as facts about Republicans’ opposition to reproductive rights flashed onscreen, Dunham’s “Your First Time” is proof of the Democrats’ savvy in appealing to the portion of the population that some might describe as hipsters.

There’s only one problem with Dunham’s appeal to first-time voters. In the new ad, Dunham says, “My first time voting was amazing … I went to the polling station. I pulled back the curtain. I voted for Barack Obama.” But Dunham was born on May 13, 1986. That means she was 18 and change when John Kerry faced off against George W. Bush in November 2004. If voting is so important, why didn’t she vote when she first had the chance?

To be fair, I’d rather lose my voting virginity to Barack Obama than John Kerry, too. Plus, Dunham’s vote probably wouldn’t have meant much at the time. She spent her freshman year of college at the New School in New York and only transferred to Oberlin—located in the crucial swing state of Ohio—after Bush had been sworn into his second term.

So does The Atlantic.

Like, I mean, Wow! Ya know, like Bow Wow!

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4 Responses to Here is a Great New Ad for our Historically Sexy President.

  1. geneb527 says:

    Hi Dan, This was the worst ad I have ever seen. I just wish that Oblahma had spent all of his money running this ad over and over and then the race for president would have been over and over!!!

  2. righthook38 says:

    I was disgusted by this video….I saw it last night. It really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. There seems to be no line the man, or his supporters, won’t cross. I personally find it demeaning that they think that’s this is all young people, and all women for that matter, think about. They want jobs just like everyone else. Despicable.

  3. It’s a spin off of a Putin’s ad from earlier this year. Way to go Democrats!

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