Bill Whittle on Republican Rejection of its own Philosophy

The video takes only fifteen minutes to watch
but has many hours worth of excellent ideas.

Here is a link to a recent presentation by Bill Whittle. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to embed it so if you want to see it, please go to the link. This screen shot is the best I could do.

I won’t try to rephrase Mr. Whittle’s comments here; he says it far better than I could.


When I posted this article at Free Republic, a kind person there called my attention to this YouTube video which presents many of the same ideas. The more I see and hear of Mr. Whittle, the more I appreciate him.

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7 Responses to Bill Whittle on Republican Rejection of its own Philosophy

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  4. Boeke says:

    I don’t know what values you saw espoused.

    I joined the Republican Party in 1952 because I believe in CONSERVing the best of America, both in civil life (politics) and in natural life (environment). Pretty fast they abandoned the environment under the entreaties of businessmen who wanted to pollute the air and water and destroy the fields I hunted in and the lakes and rivers I fished in. Then, in a few years, they abandoned the high values of Republicanism for mere political power.

    The party walked away from me.

    The only principle I see now is “me first!”.

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  6. Mike says:

    I didn’t see this as cheap shots. I found the video the strongest espousal of conservative values in… I don’t know, a while. I just wish a Presidential candidate could say these same things, and actually believe them.

  7. Boeke says:

    I watched the first 10 minutes of Whittles talk. He’s clever but crooked. And I used to like Whittle about 7-8 years ago, but I guess he’s gotten blood-lust from listening to cheers from the Echo Chamber.

    Anyway, he starts off talking about Secession and states rights, and he’s just wrong. The Founders tried a confederacy and it failed so they switched to a federal system with strong federal control.

    From there on Whittle just uses a series of cheap strawmen that he can slay to the applause of his partisan audience. Ho hum.

    Cheap shots.

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