A senior U.S. official told The New York Times, “It’s very possible that the North Koreans are testing for two countries.” It would be foolish for Iran to test a nuclear weapon on its own soil. Nuclear weapons cannot be detonated in secret; they leave unique seismic markers that can be traced back to their source. An in-country test would simply confirm the existence of a program that for years Iran has denied.

That and other statements in the article parallel my thinking as presented here. I suggested that Iran and North Korea are not only on the same path to nuclear weaponry but are pursuing it jointly. I also suggested that Iran could easily agree to allow inspection of (or even close) its Fordow uranium enrichment facility in exchange for the easing of sanctions on gold and other precious metals; North Korea could easily become an even more willing partner with Iran should the EU (as has been proposed) increased sanctions on its acquisition of gold and diamonds.

Does Iran already have the bomb? Column

James S. Robbins6:22p.m. EST February 27, 2013

The question is whether the weapon North Korea tested this month was its own, Iran’s, or a joint project.

robbins iran has nukes

(Photo: Vahid Salemi, AP 2007 photo)

Story Highlights

So far, the case that Iran already has the bomb is largely circumstantial.

It would be foolish for Iran to test a nuclear weapon on its own soil.

North Korea%u2019s experience is an inspiration to Iran in its defiance of the United Nations and the United States.

During Secretary of State John Kerry’s listening tour of the Middle East, one troubling regional issue might go unspoken: the possibility that Iran already has nuclear weapons capability.

That will certainly change when President Obama lands next month in Israel, where the issue is at the top of the agenda. The emergence of an Iranian atomic bomb would…

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  1. Tex says:

    Iran got the bomb from Pakistan which exported it to every Muslim country in the world as well as North Korea. Has no one been paying attention? What YEAR did Israel bomb and Iraqui nuclear plant? 1981. What year did Israel bomb a Syrian nuclear plant? 2007. Do you think they did that just to test their bombsights?

  2. Asylum Watch says:

    It would make sense.

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