The Republican Sequester is the worst tragedy ever to strike the United States or any other nation. Causing unbelievable destruction and suffering – with probably even worse to come — it is a more despicable form of domestic terrorism than the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center by Jewish and Methodist terrorists. Not even our helpful Islamic allies were able to mitigate the destruction then! Try as they may, they will probably be no less able to mitigate the Republican Sequester disaster.

In addition to the catastrophes mentioned in the article, there will be rioting in Africa, starvation in Spain and hurricanes in Florida – already in grave peril from giant sinkholes for which previous Republican Administrations clearly deserve all blame.

Although some have ridiculed these and other horrors as imaginary, I received an e-mail from Orgasms Organizing for Action just a few short minutes ago. I was, of course, relieved to learn that at least that splendid organization is still operational. It is the only reliable source of information since some – even in the formerly Legitimate Media – have gone over to the dark side. The e-mail reminded me as follows:

Friend —

Today, automatic spending cuts called the sequester will begin going into effect. Teachers could lose their jobs, seniors could go hungry, emergency responders could lose their funding — families in your community, no matter where you live, are likely to feel this.

And once again, we’ve seen the true colors of some congressional Republicans. They’ll do whatever it takes to protect the wealthy and special interests, regardless of the consequences for middle-class families.

Show the Republicans that the vast majority of Americans won’t stand for this. Add your name to the call for a balanced approach to the budget:


Organizing for Action

Fortunately, today’s e-mail incorporated terrifying news from yesterday’s Truth Alert, correctly describing the horrors of the Republican Sequester as

a sledgehammer to the budget, our economy, and millions of Americans across the country — and the most frustrating part? It doesn’t have to happen.

—–Original Message—–
From: Jim Messina,
Subject: Stand behind the President’s plan, before tomorrow

Friend —

Brace yourself.

If congressional Republicans don’t act by tomorrow, we’re going to be hit by a series of devastating, automatic budget cuts called the sequester.

It’s a sledgehammer to the budget, our economy, and millions of Americans across the country — and the most frustrating part? It doesn’t have to happen.

The majority of Americans support President Obama’s balanced approach to deficit reduction — add your name if you do, too.

So far, congressional Republicans are refusing to compromise — all because they don’t want to close tax loopholes for millionaires, billionaires, vacation homes, and corporate jets. Seriously.

This has very real consequences.

On the chopping block are 10,000 teaching jobs, more than 70,000 kids’ spots in Head Start, $35 million for local fire departments, $43 million to make sure seniors don’t go hungry, and access to nutrition assistance for 600,000 women and their families. That’s just a few of the things we’ll lose.

President Obama has put forth a balanced deficit reduction plan with smart spending cuts that protect the critical investments needed to strengthen middle-class families and our economy.

We need to send a strong signal about where Americans stand on this issue.

Add your name today:



Jim Messina
Organizing for Action

P.S. — If Congress fails to act, this fight doesn’t end tomorrow. We’ll need to put even more pressure on Republicans to stop these budget cuts and pass a balanced plan. Join this fight now.

Sources: The White House and Center for American Progress

Like President Obama’s Maxwell Smart Diplomacy, Smart spending cuts, Smart balanced revenue enhancements and spending cuts and Smart plans for critical investments it will work – if only the Stupid and rapacious Republicans will Get Smart, obey get out of the way and leave the job to our overwhelmingly Smart President.


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