An Excellent Summation of the Situation in Venezuela Today

Chavez is dead. Is Venezuela?

h/t Devil's Excrement

h/t Devil’s Excrement

Daniel, one of my two favorite bloggers on things Venezuelan, published this article today. It summarizes what’s wrong with Venezuela today and does not raise any false hopes for her immediate future. Her future is bleak. Here’s the first paragraph.

The wake is suspended, Chavez rests for the time being in a military museum, an old barrack to ensure past presidential safety at Miraflores, now unable to ensure safety in an area that has been overcome by slums. For a military that was never able to understand what the civilian world and democracy meant, it is a fitting resting place for Chavez, unable to find permanent ways to diminish poverty, and even less to insure the safety of the people in the slums where crime rates are maybe the highest in the world. Eventually someday the wake will be restarted  when his remains are either taken to his wished for resting place, Sabaneta where he was born, or to the Pantheon where political expediency may want him for his final home.

Please read the rest. It is not encouraging but is realistic. And realism is one of the most important, and yet most absent, qualities in Venezuela.


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