Maduro’s mystical abilities and insights are marvels to behold. However, to see the deceased el Presidente as a chirping little bird transcends belief.

What next? In what other forms might Chavez appear? One can only guess and probably be wrong. However, here are just a few possibilities:

As his ghost angel dropping bread and fish from Heaven to the assembled devoted, as the spirits of Bolivar and of Che watch entranced,

Chavez seated in clinics dispensing cures for unknown illnesses to the peasants of Venezuela,

or maybe (to frighten the opposition) a Chavez-like vulture lurking on a limb waiting to pounce.

No matter, the imaginations of Chavistas are far more inventive than mine.

The Devil's Excrement

(Video also here)

You can’t make this corny, stupid, silly stuff up. Interim President Maduro says that this morning he went to a small chapel made out of wood (Where? Made out of wood. Really Nicolas? He was also alone, praying, sure Nicolas, we believe you) and a little bird came in and chirped at him (Maduro repeats the sounds and everything) and he whistled back the same pretty chirp. And then comes the jump into the mystical, it was Chavez, he felt the spirit, blessing the campaign, yada yada yada…

Really, hard to make this stuff up. Hard to even think of saying such things.

Chigüire Bipolar gives up making jokes, says it is really hard to make things up after Maduro saying this.

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  1. Bats in the belfry comes to mind.

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