The Tragedy of The Commons, Children’s Edition

Good article. Unfortunately, the glorious state that too many seem to view as omniscient and omnipotent seems to be taking over. The elementary, secondary and even university systems of education are becoming federalized and bringing along a “librul” statist ideology. Many of us don’t like that but too few are resisting the process. Why? Because not enough care, too many have “better” things to do or too many see the process as irreversible? Until we reverse the course, things will continue to worsen.


The whole “the kids don’t belong to you; they belong to the community” bit is just a less cagey way of saying “it takes a village,” so at least Melissa Harris-Perry gets points for honesty.

My favorite part of the “All Your Children Are Belong To Us” MSNBC Promo comes at the end:

“Once it’s everybody’s responsibility and not just the household’s, then we start making better investments.”

I marvel at the sheer act of willful blindness required in order to believe such a complete load of male bovine manure.  I mean, let’s all apply this to our front yards, shall we, and then hold our breath while we wait for the neighbors to come mow ours?

You know, corporations are a kind of microcosm of the larger society.  Corporate-y type folks who make their living ensuring that a corporation “makes better investments” have noticed that the truth is exactly inverse to Ms. Harris-Perry’s statement:


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3 Responses to The Tragedy of The Commons, Children’s Edition

  1. thanks Dan. I have to admit I was pretty proud of my closing sentence. I really do find dog strollers to be a disturbing trend.. and amen to your comment. did you see this Bill Whittle vid along the same vein? things are indeed going to have to worsen before enough people recognize the culture needs to change.

    • My pleasure, although I am not sure that’s the correct word. It is a shame that it is necessary to think and to write about that sort of stuff but it is. Perhaps a few may pay attention and respond and then more and eventually something useful will be done.

      I had not previously seen the Bill Whittle video but just did. Thank you. It was great. I very much enjoyed my days of flying. Having got my first flying license at an Army flying club in Korea, I later got my commercial license with instrument and multiengine ratings The freedom of flying was tremendous. I later began sailing and that provided a similar albeit slower sense of freedom, particularly out in the ocean.


      • wow. say thanks for your service!

        and yeah, I never imagined getting to this level of cultural rot. If I didnt make jokes and laugh about it, reckon I’d cry.


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