Chavismo Decides No Recount, Even Before Evidence Is Presented

For Venezuela, “situation normal, all ****** ** screwed up.

The Devil's Excrement


So, after a brief hesitation by Impostor-President Maduro the first day, in which in his moment of euphoria (followed yesterday by near hysteria, according to the New York Times) told he had won the election, he said naively: Let’s count the votes.

But no more.

It was a lapsus brutis

Ever since that moment, every statement has been exactly the opposite,  starting with former President of the Electoral Board (VP of the country later (impartial, ja,ja), Mayor now) Jorge Rodriguez who immediately following Maduro’s victory speech denied the possibility of a a recount, as accepted by Maduro, and requested by challenger Henrique Capriles.

And since then, Chavismo has denied the possibility of a recount, even without having seen the evidence that Capriles and his command said they had and actually presented in full today. (Because the March Nazi Maduro prohibited us from going with Capriles)

Thus, the President of…

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