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Islamophobia Comes to Canberra

But, but, but Islam is the religion of peace. How could this problem arise? This is a real example of true Islamophobia, in which an individual or organization discriminates between religions on the basis of the degree to which they … Continue reading

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Washington’s Culture of Corruption

Originally posted on International Liberty:
We’ve gotten to the point where you need a guide-book to keep track of all the scandals in Washington. As a fiscal policy wonk, I focus mostly on the sleaze at the IRS, but I…

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Yes, Mr. President

Yes, Minister was among my few favorite television programs back when I watched television in the United States. Here is a twenty-nine minute segment of Yes, Prime Minister, wherein the new British PM, Mr. Hacker, decides that “the time is … Continue reading

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Tractor Yoga

Originally posted on Adaptive Curmudgeon:
It’s time to practice homesteading Yoga. Step one is to start your tractor.  This might take a while depending on what piece of crap you have parked in your barn.  Exercise that doesn’t involve guns…

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Palestinian Problem? Let’s Throw Money and (with a little bit of luck) it will Go Away!

That is Secretary Kerry’s partial solution to the “Palestinian” problem. That’s great! He is getting with the program. Yesterday, I re-blogged a post titled Ketchup Boy Mega Fail – Kerry Tries To Buy Off Islamists, Swiftly Rebuked…  The linked article cited the Times … Continue reading

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Ketchup Boy Mega Fail – Kerry Tries To Buy Off Islamists, Swiftly Rebuked…

Fear not! All is not lost. She of the fifty-seven varieties and Jane Fonda of the (??) will certainly chip in enough to make it work, with or without the blessing of the revered Mr. Abbas. I do have a … Continue reading

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Now Fact: All Aspects ObamaGov Completely Corrupt/Criminal

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
Gulag Bound No, folks.  The Obama syndicate was never incompetent.  It was and is, however, the most corrupt, criminal and openly tyrannical US government, which is now openly attacking the USA and…

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President Obama’s Memorial Day Address — Advance Copy

My confidential White House informant, The Really Honorable I.M. Totus, has provided this advance copy of the non-partisan Memorial Day address which he is programming President Obama to deliver. Editor’s comment: Some far right-wingers may be shocked at what President Obama … Continue reading

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Greg Gutfeld: “Muslim Supremacists Are the Rock Stars of the Tolerati”

Deutschland Islam über alles!

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The Moon is Down? In the U.S.?

John Steinbeck’s 1942 novel The Moon is Down is about people of a small  village occupied by Nazi forces somewhere in Northern Europe. They become sullen and their obedience is bought at an increasingly high price. Free people cannot remain conquered. Re-reading … Continue reading

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