Nicolas Loses His Cool Again

Venezuela’s El Presidente (?) Nicholas Maduro is losing his cool, of which he has a small and quickly shrinking reservoir.

[T]he Vice-President of Foreign Affairs of Congress [of Peru] said that in Venezuela there is no President and what there is a an orangutan, a reference to the military gorillas that ruled that country, as well as seeing little birds and talking to  Chávez {video link included, insert “of Peru” added].

There is a post at the same blog about one of the incidents which might have precipitated this statement, see also commentary here. The Chavista violence at the National Assembly was disgusting, and probably will not be the end of it.

With Maduro’s recall of the Venezuelan ambassador to Peru (please read the English language text of Maduro’s statement on the matter in the re-blogged post), even UNASUR may become obstreperous.

The curious thing about this whole affair is that Peru’s Foreign Minister Roncagliolo is currently the spokesman for Unasur on these affairs and by losing his cool, Maduro may be helping the opposition in promoting that Unasur pressure the Venezuelan Government for a full audit and recount of the recent Presidential election.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

The Devil's Excrement


Ever since the CNE said that Nicolás had won the election, things have not been going very well for him. From widespread pot banging the first four days, to bickering within Chavismo, to Diosdado undermining him and his own party members criticizing him, it is tough to be Nicolás Maduro these days. But if one thought there was one area where Nicolás could handle things well, it was on the diplomatic front. After all, he was Chavez’ Foreign Minister for almost seven years, where following Hugo’s orders alone was probably a difficult thing to do. And except for trying to stage coups in Paraguay and Guatemala, Nicolás was mostly discreet, like a diplomat should be.

But his bad streak is prompting him to losing his cool and making outrageous statements. The first one was to accuse former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe of trying to assassinate him, throwing in Roger Noriega…

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