Benghazi: Hillary’s Second Watergate?

Former Secretary of State and likely presidential candidate for 2016 Clinton has a penchant for mendacity. It has rarely caught up with her and dragged her down. However, the article cites a 1974 incident which resulted in her firing by the House Judiciary Committee for which she was then an attorney. That was a long time ago, so “what difference does it make” now? Perhaps little, but her trail of concealment and other forms of mendacity after the Benghazi incident is becoming sufficiently obvious that even some in the “legitimate media” are reporting it. The trail seems likely to become warmer this week.

Were Secretary Clinton’s distortions of the causes of the Benghazi “spontaneous demonstrations” and of Washington’s (lack of) response intended to protect the administration for which she then worked and President Obama’s chances of reelection, or to protect her own chances for the 2016 elections? I suspect it was a bit of both. If in consequences she is not nominated by the Democrats, or if nominated is defeated, that will be good.

Making “lame duck” Obama an even lamer duck would also be good, but he seems already to be doing a good job of that himself. It would be better if he simply waddled out of the White House quacking about racism and lack of fairness but, for now, that seems unlikely.

We the People of the United States

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Back in 1974, Hillary Rodham Clinton worked for the House Judiciary Committee, which was writing articles of impeachment against President Richard M. Nixon. Clinton, however, was fired from that job.

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