Excellent article, well worth reading.

An article at American Thinker suggests that widespread war may soon occur in the Middle East and opines in its final paragraph,

Much potential peril lies ahead.  Will the USA’s commander-in-chief be so distracted by three scandals that he can’t effectively respond to, much less proactively manage, the international crises that may soon emerge?  Is that how World War III happens during Obama’s second term?

At least one commenter suggests that due to his consistently displayed military and other incompetence, that might well be better than were he to try to do something stupid, as is his wont. I agree. Another argues that a military crisis might unify the nation (to her detriment) behind him so that he can get out from under his various scandals with his legacy undamaged. After all, we wouldn’t want to distract “our” President from his constitutional duties as Commander-in-chief of the military! Lives depend on him!

President Obama has willingly used our military, to its substantial detriment, to advance his political agendas; that would not surprise me. The Legitimate Media are likely to tell us to stop Balkanization, politically driven by vast right wing conspiracies. Support the President! It’s the patriotic thing to do!

The latter scenario could benefit President Obama and give him cover that he needs but does not deserve.



Why the IRS matters.

The BIG question is, does the IRS scandal matter?

I say yes, it does.

Here’s why:

For almost 100 years the Left in this country has spent untold treasure, and untold man hours, crafting arguments that pit one group against another.

The creation and nurturing of these groups is called Balkanization.

It is the political tactic of getting individuals to identify with a small group sharing similar interests, then pitting them against other small groups who seem to oppose said interests.  The outcome of this manipulation, they hope, is to gain one or the other small groups support in the form of money, and votes, come election time.  We have all seen this.  While it is certainly found on both sides of the aisle, it is the sole motivator used by the Socialists.  It is the proverbial “Us vs. Them”, whomever that may be.  The reason this is the foundation of Socialist…

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2 Responses to Balkanization

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting take. The Left has a proud history of militancy… arguably for unification purposes. I thought Syrian would have show itself to be one of these last year, but I turned out to be wrong. However, there is plenty of time left for them to do just what you’re suggesting.

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