Palestinian Problem? Let’s Throw Money and (with a little bit of luck) it will Go Away!

That is Secretary Kerry’s partial solution to the “Palestinian” problem.
That’s great! He is getting with the program.

KerryYesterday, I re-blogged a post titled Ketchup Boy Mega Fail – Kerry Tries To Buy Off Islamists, Swiftly Rebuked…  The linked article cited the Times of Israel, which reported that

(Times of Israel)  The Palestinian Authority on Monday rejected the idea of economic benefits in exchange for political concessions put forward by US Secretary of State John Kerry one day prior.

“The Palestinian leadership will not offer political concessions in exchange for economic benefits,” PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s economic adviser, Mohammad Mustafa, said in a statement, according to the Palestinian Ma’an news agency. “We will not accept that the economy is the primary and sole component.”

The statement came a day after US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a $4 billion investment plan meant to jumpstart both the Palestinian economy and peace talks with Israel. (read more)

Today, Barry Rubin posted an article titled Can the U.S. Government Buy Moderation in the Middle East? No. (It is also available at PJ Media.) He does not think it’s a workable, or even good idea. Please read his entire article; unlike Secretary Kerry’s proposal, the article makes sense.  Here’s one quote:

Predictably, the PA reaction was that Israel would have to give still more concessions before it would do Israel and the United States the favor of returning to negotiations so that it could obtain a state, even though it is so weak that these two have to prop it up and it only controls half the territory it is bargaining for. No matter how much time and money Kerry takes to restart the “peace process” nothing is going to happen. It is remarkable that the West still doesn’t understand this. Or perhaps it does and is putting in all this effort for show?

If the Administration is “putting in all this effort for show,” that’s better than if it is seriously expects peace to erupt in consequence.

Apparently among the concessions demanded is that Israel release “political prisoners,” previously jailed for such insignificant political crimes as murder and attempted murder.

All of the prisoners consisted of common criminals convicted of murder and (mostly) terrorists who murdered or attempted to murder Israeli civilians, soldiers, or foreign tourists.

Well, gee! That seems reasonable. What could go wrong? Surely, they won’t do it again.

Oh well.

Here’s another:

What should the money be spent on according to Kerry? Why on tourism! No doubt tourists are just lining up to go to the West Bank (they certainly aren’t going to go to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip where the rockets’ red glare has a different meaning).

I don’t know. Adventure tourism seems fashionable and there should be lots of exciting adventure to enjoy in the West Bank. What about Libya and Venezuela? Both are good options to explore as well. How about the “world class ski resort,” already being built in North Korea? Clearly, we should lend a helping hand. We could promote the peace process there as well. Besides, it’s just private investment and investors will jump at any chance to “invest” four billion dollars in worthy projects to help the “Palestinians.” Some might be willing even without being threatened with IRS audits.


Islamist ideology cannot be bought off with mere money. As Mr. Rubin points out with illustrations from elsewhere in the Middle East, it has not worked.

Might it be that the current U.S. policy of throwing money, and then more money, at domestic problems will be even less effective as a foreign policy when dealing with sadly “misunderstood” Islamists? They are indeed sadly “misunderstood” — by the librul Obama Administration. Why — aside from an unfortunate ideological bent — might any reasonably sane person think that it would make matters better, rather than worse?

Obama Clinton and Muslim Brotherhood

Perhaps there is simply nothing else we can do, consistently with President Obama’s “brilliant” foreign policies; maybe tossing more money in their direction will cause them to hate us less. With a little bit of luck, might some even stop interfering with his other agendas by killing and attempting to kill fewer U.S. citizens?

Throwing welfare money at the Boston Jihadists didn’t work well, but maybe this time a lot of luck will shine on President Doolittle Obama (and the rest of us) so all will be different and maybe even better. Therefore, we had better give the religion of peace a chance. Not doing so would be Islamophobic racist. Right?

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8 Responses to Palestinian Problem? Let’s Throw Money and (with a little bit of luck) it will Go Away!

  1. Tom Carter says:

    John Kerry has a lot of problems, including being a serial gigolo, a traitor, and looking like Lurch. Beyond that, he isn’t very bright. Kerry thinking peace with the Palestinians (or other Arabs and Iran) can be bought is like believing he can scoop up some mud and create a golem to end terrorism.

    • Tom,

      Yep. Secretary Kerry does have “a lot of problems.” Unfortunately, with Kerry as Secretary of State so do we and others. Might he think that the blood spilled all over the place when “Palestinian heroes” murdered the Fogel family, as well as many others, in “occupied Palestine” was simply ketchup? They are as likely to respond to sweet reason and economic incentives as a pit of venomous snakes.

  2. barney rubble says:

    why do you describe the Palestinians as “sworn enemies”, Mike ?

  3. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  4. Mike says:

    We were able to buy peace with the Egyptians for several decades, but that little experiment is winding down. Otherwise there isn’t really a good example of buying off sworn enemies. But as a rich idiot, Kerry would never know why that wouldn’t work.

  5. Tex says:

    Reblogged this on Es ist ein Klaüsterfökken. and commented:
    Rich people and politicians reach a point at which they become disconnected from the world.

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