The Xi Jinping-Obama Summit

It’s an interesting article and certainly worth reading.

However, so is this article titled US, China Agree To Hate Each Other As Friends at Duffel Blog, a satirical site. The opening photo showing President Obama and President Xi Jinping  is captioned, When the two leaders arrived at the briefing, they were in excellent spirits, had removed their ties, and were still telling each other dirty jokes.

That may be true, for all I know. The Duffel Blog article continues,

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA — Following joint U.S.-China talks Friday, Barack Obama and Xi Jinping released a new joint declaration of principles that stated the two countries had agreed that they were in total disagreement on basically all issues of governance, had essentially no common interests in spite of being economically intertwined, and would continue to attempt to undermine each other at every turn by any means necessary.

However, it also stated that the leaders had agreed that this rivalry to the death would not impact the two countries’ fundamental good relations, and that China and the United States hoped to continue to enjoy each other’s friendship while attempting to destroy one another. . . .

. . . .

“It is agreed that the United States will continue to meddle in the affairs of China’s neighbors, to include propping up the Province of Taiwan,” said Xi. “We hope you have no problems with sexual assaults by your troops in Japan, Australia, and Vietnam. We will happily postpone our inevitable hegemony in Southeast Asia while waiting on the United States to alienate allies through off base incidents and eventually run out of money for foreign adventures. We can use that time to focus on developing our influence in the west.”

“On behalf of the American people, we wish you the best of luck there, and hope that your Hui Muslim population makes many new friends,” chuckled Obama.

When asked for more details about what this new declaration would mean for the military and intelligence communities, the two pledged greater cooperation.

Which reports should we, the PRISIM, IRS, DOJ etc. spied-upon who are generally treated as mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of horse manure), credit more? Beats me. Surely, in view of this absurd article at Duffel Blog it’s analysis is generally suspect: Military Justice System Augmented By Shariah Law. There is simply no way that the UCMJ (a legislative enactment) could be modified in the suggested way.

“In the name of God, the most compassionate and merciful, and his Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, I announce that the Uniform Islamic Code of Military Justice is hereby declared operational,” Army judge advocate Lt. Gen. Dana Chipman told reporters at a press conference. Chipman was flanked by his new deputy advisor, Dr. Osama al-A’bd from the Islamic Al-Azhar university in Egypt.

The Manual for Courts martial? Well, that’s just a Federal regulation, so maybe by executive order . . . .

China Daily Mail

Though not a ‘state’ visit, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first visit (June 7-8, 2013) to the US as President has been described by the US as “unique” and “enormously important”. The Summit received close international attention, particularly because of the new Chinese leadership’s demonstrably increasing assertiveness including in the Asia-Pacific. Beijing declared that Xi Jinping would discuss a “new type of great power relationship”. High on the US agenda were the issues of cyber theft, the Asia-Pacific, North Korea, climate change and human rights.

The tone for the visit was sought to be set by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs whose spokesperson, Qin Gang, announced that the Chinese and US leaders will “have an extensive and in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations as well as international and regional issues of common interest.” Underlining its strategic significance, she added “It is believed that this meeting is important to the…

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