Obama Has Chosen To Prosecute Seven “Espionage” Cases – ALL Other Presidents Combined Just Three

Under the administration of “our” current Commander in Chief, the nation has gone off in totalitarian directions not previously seen at home during at least the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. There may well have been hints during recent previous administrations that we might do something approaching that, but nothing like now.

Unfortunately, there are few in the Senate or even the House who seem willing and able to do much about it. Many there appear to like it and others not to mind — so long as they continue to be reelected and their perks continue to be provided.  I seriously doubt that, no matter what the composition of the Congress may be after the 2014 elections, substantial improvements will be made.

Retaining the last vestiges of hope, fleeting though it is, can’t we at least defeat enough RINOs and replace them with competent legislators to begin a change in course?


We had better get started, now. Should we fail to do so, the course may well be irreversible.


On The Espionage Act Charges Against Edward Snowden


” The US government has charged Edward Snowden with three felonies, including two under the Espionage Act, the 1917 statute enacted to criminalize dissent against World War I. My priority at the moment is working on our next set of stories, so I just want to briefly note a few points about this.

Prior to Barack Obama’s inauguration, there were a grand total of three prosecutions of leakers under the Espionage Act (including the prosecution of Dan Ellsberg by the Nixon DOJ). That’s because the statute is so broad that even the US government has largely refrained from using it. But during the Obama presidency, there are now seven such prosecutions: more than double the number under all prior US presidents combined. How can anyone justify that?”

The irony is obvious: the same people who are…

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4 Responses to Obama Has Chosen To Prosecute Seven “Espionage” Cases – ALL Other Presidents Combined Just Three

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  2. Tex says:

    This has got to be cracking the Russians up. Really – They have complete deniability.

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