The Arab Spring has been more Bountiful than Beautiful

It flows continuously, with toxic bloody water
and Obama Administration encouragement.
Fountains of freedom and democracy? Hush!

Here is another excellent article by Barry Rubin, titled Arab World War Two Sunni Versus Shia. Unlike the views expressed by many, and unlike those expressed by anyone in the Obama Administration, his make sense from what should be an American perspective. Mr. Rubin delves into the various Islamist cults which are now at war — with each other. Their internecine hatreds currently seem to surpass even their hatreds for Israel, Jews and Christians. Don’t worry; be happy. They probably won’t exterminate enough of each other soon enough to keep them from getting back to Israel, Jews and Christians.

Here are the first three and the last paragraphs from Mr. Rubin’s article; I can’t in good conscience steal more, so I encourage those who are interested to read the whole thing. It offers perspectives too rarely found elsewhere.

This is not merely coincidental violence. True, the currently self-flagellating West used to have scenes like this but no more. Today, the West is an island of tolerance despite the orgy within it of self-blame and criticism. Meanwhile, other places daily show orgies of violence but neither self-criticism nor full awareness in the outside world of the implications.

Let’s take one little example from the daily situation of places from that vast expanse between Nigeria and Indonesia that coincides with Muslim-majority countries. Yet Muslims are also the main victim from the violence, due to the horror of radical Islamism and whipped-up-into-a-frenzy fanaticism which characterizes Arab World War Two.

In early June, Salafists stirred up hatred at the purported threat from a tiny minority of 30 Shia Muslims living in the village of Zawiyat Abu Muslim near Cairo. Shias are a microscopic portion of Egypt’s population, far less than one percent. Until recently one was barely aware they existed at all. But then until recently the same was true of that 1 percent minority of real Shia Muslims in Syria (along the Lebanese border, the Alawites are about as Shia Muslim as the Catholic pope is Mormon)  which has done so much to prompt the Hizballah offensive in the Syrian civil war.

. . . .

Forget the dreams of a new era of peace and democracy. The next several decades—and that’s the optimistic version—will be full of Zawiyat Abu Muslim’s writ large. Anyone who is sensible will avoid the wreckage and send out the lifeboats.

As noted at Counter Jihad Reports, Islamists are extraordinarily unpleasant, ungentle, people.

In Syria, where foreign Sunni jihadis, supported and armed by the United States, are attacking all non-Muslims—Christians are prime and obvious targets, and reports of church attacks, abductions of Christians, and their slaughter are many—Shias, who are seen as “false Muslims,” are naturally also under attack. For example, Salafi Sheikh recently issued a fatwa saying that those Muslims fighting to topple secular president Bashar Assad and install Sharia law are free to “capture and have sex with” all non-Sunni women, specifically naming President Assad’s sect, the Alawites, as well as the Druze and other Shia branches.

Days ago, popular news outlet, Syrian Truth, posted a photo of a toddler living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, along the Iraq border, who was reportedly tied with chains to a fence from where she witnessed the killing of her Shia mother and father at the hands of the Sunni jihadis making the ranks of the “Free Syrian Army.”  Syrian Truth correctly describes them as takfiris, that is, Muslims who, like al-Qaeda, accuse—and slaughter—other Muslims, in this case, Shias, for not being “true” Muslims.

In chains

Ah, if only they were Republicans — or, even worse, conservative Americans or Christians. Then President Obama would deem them enemies. But they aren’t and so he won’t. According to an article by Raymond Ibrahim at PJ Media,

With the recent decision to arm the opposition fighting Syrian President Assad, the United States has effectively declared a proxy war on Syria’s indigenous Christians — a proxy war that was earlier waged on Christians in other Mideast nations, resulting in the abuse, death, and/or mass exodus of Christians.

Ironically (if not absurdly) this proxy war on Christians is being presented to the American people as a war to safeguard the “human rights” and “freedoms” of the Syrian people.  Left unsaid by the Obama administration is the egregiously inhuman behavior these jihadis visit upon moderate Syrians in general and Christians in particular, from bombed churches to kidnapped (and often beheaded) Christians.  Days ago they massacred an entire Christian village.

Nor can one argue that the Obama administration is unaware that Christian persecution is an ironclad aspect of empowering jihadis.  Both past precedents and current events repeatedly demonstrate this.

. . . .

Outside the Mideast, where Muslims are often not majorities, the administration wages its proxy war on Christians in other ways.  For example, in Nigeria, where more Christians have been slaughtered and churches bombed by Boko Haram jihadis than all throughout the world combined, after the Nigerian government went on a serious offensive to neutralize Boko Haram, John Kerry warned it not to violate the “human rights” of the jihadis — the same jihadis daily abusing the human rights of Christians, often in most inhuman ways.

The lede for the article is “Even if Obama really were Muslim, what more could he possibly do to empower Islam?”

President Obama leads from behind — and in the wrong directions.

Here is what LTC (U.S. Army Ret.) Allen West thinks about where the United States are now headed: “forward” and downward, at an accelerating pace. Please watch the video at the link; it does not (yet) appear to be on YouTube, so I can’t embed it here.

According to NEO at Nebraska Energy Observer,

In my world the phrase leading from behind means one of two things, and in truth that’s all it can mean.

1. Running away faster than the rest of your people. This has been heard of in the military for millenia, usually in war, if you get caught they call it desertion and you get executed for it.

2. Following

And so now the United States has a president that thinks this is the way to lead the free world. It doesn’t even really matter which (or both) definition you choose to use, it is not a prescription for influencing world events.

. . . .

Obama has told us for months that he is in so many words, incompetent, if he wasn’t, obviously he would have some sort of clue what his executive departments are doing, you know like, NSA, IRS, the DOS in Benghazi, Homeland (in)Security might have paid attention when Russia did them the favor of telling them about the Boston bombers, and on, and on, and on, ad nauseam.

I understand he was surprised when our puppet government in Afghanistan told him to go take a long leap off a short pier as well. They probably figure they better figure out some way to stay alive before the American troops run away (on presidential orders) leaving them to deal with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as it was called before George Bush and as the office in Oman that we’re negotiating with is called again.

And so now he thinks it a good idea to stop burning coal, yep that’s what we need higher unemployment and more subsidies to technologies proven to be unworkable to support a crusade against global warming that doesn’t exist.

Here is an old song to which I recently listened (again). I wonder how something similar would be received in the United States today under the “wise” leadership of President Obama.

I also wonder how the Green Berets are faring in our glorious, brave new world of multicultural, meterosexual insanity fairness and “religious intolerance” for most all except Christians and Jews.

But, have no fear! Imam President Obama will save us.

Islamist perfidy? Don’t be silly. There is no such thing. That’s why, as noted at Power Line,
White House Hosts Sheikh who Called for Killing American Troops in Iraq.  According to that article,

Andy McCarthy reports that President Obama’s top national security advisers have just hosted Sheikh Abdulla bin Bayyah at the White House. In 2004, according to McCarthy, bin Bayyah endorsed a fatwa calling for the killing of American troops and other personnel serving in Iraq.

. . . .

As McCarthy brilliantly puts it, “the enemy is not at the gate; he has . . . skipped across the welcome mat.”

But what was bin Bayyah doing at the White House? Apparently, he was there in connection with Syria, having previously (and successfully) lobbied the administration to arm Syrian rebels.

Give Obama credit. He’s not a naïf like John McCain, who seems to believe that moderate or even pro-U.S. forces within the Syrian rebellion can prevail.

Obama understands that if we want to ride a strong horse in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood is that horse. And he seems willing, and maybe even eager, to climb aboard that Israel-hating, anti-Western steed.

Don’t fret about these gentle souls:

They are not a problem and all is under control. Don’t think so? Believe it anyway!

The only thing we have to fear is Osama Obama Islam fear itself Climate Change.

President Obama, who has neither time for nor interest in mere trivia, and who graciously bestowed upon we, the little people, the multiple blessings of ObamaCare, will save us all from the horrors of Demon Climate Change. That’s the most fearsome threat now facing not only His beloved nation but the entire world– just ask Him. He welcomes the opportunity to “drone on” and on about it.

Under a hot summer sun, wiping his brow repeatedly as if to underscore the presence of global climate change, Mr. Obama told an audience of students at Georgetown University that future generations of Americans – including their children – would have to live with the consequences of current US climate policy.

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat earth society,” Obama said. “Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm. And ultimately, we will be judged as a people and as a society and as a country on where we go from here.”

Factual? Truthful? Don’t be silly. How could it be? But at this point what difference does that make?

President Obama does not stick His head in the sand; it is firmly stuck up . . . oh, never mind. We desperately need to take the prescribed ObamaMedicine:

EPA is supposed to protect our environment, health and welfare. Instead, it “safeguards” us from exaggerated or illusory risks – by issuing mountains of costly, intrusive regulations that endanger our health, wellbeing and wildlife far more than any reasonably foreseeable effects from climate change.

This accumulation of anti-hydrocarbon restrictions and penalties is putting EPA in control of nearly every aspect of our lives. Fuel, compliance and business costs will soar. Companies will be forced to outsource work to other countries, reduce work forces, shift people to part-time status, or close their doors.

Obama on waterObamaGodIf we only do as He asks, the seas will halt their rise (again) and Mother Earth will heal — before our very eyes!

He may even get a better reception the next time he visits Berlin. Lots’a luck with that.

Obama saves planet

President Obama just needs a little bit of help from His friends.

He would be able to fight the demon Climate Change better if only the obstructionist House of Representatives would pass the bipolar bipartisan immigration reform bill. What’s in it? Who knows? Who cares? At this point, what difference does that make? President Obama wants it and that should be enough. Victory in that, and in his heroic fight against Climate Change, are what the country needs the most. Right?

Immigration reform

Then Brigadier General (later Major General) Anthony McAuliffe  “is famous for his single-word reply of ‘Nuts!‘ to a German surrender ultimatum” during World War II. Will someone to whom attention might be paid deliver that response to President Obama’s various surrender ultimata? Who?

Oh, never mind. All will work out for the best.

Not all will be lost if we keep our sense of humor — and our eyes and ears open.

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13 Responses to The Arab Spring has been more Bountiful than Beautiful

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  2. Tom Carter says:

    It’s been clear for a long time that the best policy for dealing with the Muslim world is to just stay the hell out of their squabbles. Whatever the problem may be, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, and it seems that when the good guys win, they turn out to be worse. We’ve had enough experience ourselves to see this, and for reinforcement all we have to do is look at Europe today, where their welcoming attitude toward Muslims has led to nothing but grief.

    We should continue to develop our own energy resources to become independent of their frickin’ oil, we should be friendly toward those who deserve it, and we should kick the butts of others when they need it. And by the way, we might want to protect our borders at least as strongly as almost every other nation in the world does.

  3. bunkerville says:

    Yet no one calls out Obama for his policies. Great post. Here is something that may be of interest:

    Nonetheless, it was the Obama administration which sought the meeting with Bin Bayyah, his website’s account said.
    “We asked for this meeting to learn from you and we need to be looking for new mechanisms to communicate with you and the Association of Muslim Scholars (another name used for the IUMS),” Gayle Smith, senior director of the National Security Council, reportedly said. HINT: She was previously a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress,

  4. lburt says:

    After a gloomy day of bad news you have put a smile back on my face 🙂

  5. NEO says:

    Good job, Dan, you made me quit crying long enough to giggle at the fools.

    • Thanks, NEO. A long-ago friend, who then worked on the staff of one of the congressional interior committees dealing with Indian affairs, sometimes wore a T-shirt with the message, “Don’t Worry. Be Hoppy.”

      • NEO says:

        I like that one, Dan. I’ve a feeling we’re goint to need our sense of humor going forward, luckily a lot of it is pretty funny really, in a macabre sense, of course.

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