Might the Planet Earth have her own Krikkit (Islamist) Colonies?

Is Islamism our own Planet Krikkit? Can it be dealt with in similar fashion but with even better results than in Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy?
need to be left alone and in peace to kill each other.
Others prefer
to live in peace without killing anyone. Who wins?

The Beauties of Islamism

This article at American Thinker (H/t to Counter Jihad Report) offers a few of the many inspiring verses from the blessed Koran:

“Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191

“Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Koran 9:123

“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Koran 9:5

“Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 3:85

“The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.”… Koran 9:30

“Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 5:33

“Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19

“The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.” Koran 8:65

“Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:28

“Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Koran 8:12

“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:60

According to David Solway, who has read and studied the Koran,

Islam is a religion of imperial conquest, and the Prophet’s marching order is clear and inescapable: “Fight against them until there is no more fitnah (temptation, tumult, disbelief) and Allah’s religion reigns supreme.” There is no way to interpret this passage as anything other than a divinely inspired summons to perpetual war leading to the establishment of a universal Caliphate—a command devoutly adhered to by the so-called “extremists.”

I have neither studied nor even read much of the Koran, but consider it almost as useful to consider what Islamists do.

Wonderful people, but they don’t “play well” with others.

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted in his book, Gandhi: The Power of Pacifism, by Catherine Clement, as follows:

While Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Parsees and Jews, along with several million adherents of an animistic religion, all coexisted in relative harmony, one religion that would not accept compromise stood out from the rest: Islam.

Gandhi was referring to the experience during his lifetime in the Indian sub-continent, but the growth of Wahhabism and the current resurgence in Islamic triumphalism since Gandhi’s death in January 1948 now poses an increasingly existential threat to the West, to Judeo-Christian civilization, as well as to Hindus, Buddhists, and members [of] other faiths.

Killing “apostates” and other “infidels,” but perhaps more often other Islamists, seems to be their principal activity in establishing their holy Caliphate.


In the last few weeks and months I have engaged in a daily morning morbid ritual; reviewing the harvest of blood by compiling the number of victims of the Arab civil war raging in Syria and Iraq with its occasional visits to Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain. The statistics are frightening: more than 5000 people a month are being killed in Syria. More than 450 people were killed this month in Iraq. In Egypt more than 150 people were killed in the political violence that followed the June 30 overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi. In Lebanon more than 50 people were killed last month.

Oh well.

Our dear President and “friend” know best.

Obama Clinton and Muslim Brotherhood

President Obama et al are wise and truthful, aren’t they?

President Obama either believes what he says in his own little world, or he’s a chronic liar living within it. The fact that 80% of mosques in America teach violent jihad and Islamic supremacy obviously doesn’t seem to bother this Commander-in-Chief, nor the fact that the overwhelming majority of terrorist acts in the United States are being perpetrated by Muslims. He also seems to disregard the stone-cold reality that hundreds of thousands of Muslim Americans would like to see the death penalty imposed upon anyone daring to hurt their feelings by speaking the truth about “insulting” the “prophet” of Islam. But that shouldn’t be surprising because, evidently, he agrees that the real problem is with free speech, not with the Religion of [Non-Existent] Peace itself. So let’s go ahead and employ members of the Muslim Brotherhood — an Islamist organization actively seeking to destroy America from within, not build it — at the White House. Let’s embrace Brotherhood front groups like CAIR (Counsel on American-Islamic Relations) who are actively telling the Muslim community how to evade law enforcement questioning in their efforts to thwart terrorism instead of helping them to identify and expose potential threats. After all, if the Obama Administration is to be believed, the real threats in America are from Christians and “Islamophobes.”  Is it any wonder that the Land of the Free, under the “leadership” of Barack Hussein Obama, now more closely resembles a police state that terrorizes its own citizens in the name of protecting them from terror rather than one that recognizes the true roots of terrorism and is doing everything it can to protect them from the real enemy?

Obviously, the best way to deal with Islamism must be to provide self-esteem, so dreadfully lacking. At least that seems to have been President Obama’s solution to difficulties with both space exploration and Islamism.

On July 20, 1969, an audience of 500 million people watched a man set foot on the surface of the moon and plant an American flag in the gray powder of the Sea of Tranquility.

In July 2010, NASA chief Charles Bolden, an Obama appointee, told Al Jazeera that his boss had given him three priorities… none of them involving space exploration. The foremost priority for the agency once tasked with sending a man to the moon was “to reach out to the Muslim world… to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.” [Emphasis added.]

Now, onward and upward into space and to the Planet Krikkit, from which Islamists might as well have come.

Obama supporters in Cairo

From Wikipedia:

Krikkit is a planet located in a dust cloud composed chiefly of the disintegrated remains of the enormous spaceborne computer Mohamed Hactar. [My insert with strikeout.]

Hactar was originally created by the “Silastic Armorfiends of Striterax to design the Ultimate Weapon. Hactar produced a very, very small bomb that, when activated, would connect every star to every other star, cause them to all go supernova simultaneously and, thus, destroy the universe. The bomb proved dysfunctional because Hactar had designed it with a tiny flaw, reasoning that no consequence could be worse than that of setting the bomb off. The Silastic Armorfiends disagreed and destroyed Hactar.

Due to the dust cloud, the sky above Krikkit was completely black, and thus the people of Krikkit led insular lives and never realised the existence of the Universe. With the population thus prepared, Hactar, disintegrated but still functional, built and crashed a model spaceship onto Krikkit in order to introduce its inhabitants to the concept of the Universe. Secretly guided by Hactar, the Krikkiters built their first spaceship, Krikkit One, penetrated the dust cloud, and surveyed the Universe before them. Unbeknownst to the Krikkiters, Hactar had been subliminally conditioning their minds to the point where they could not accept a Universe into their world view with the intention of putting them into a similar mindset to that of the Silastic Armorfiends. Sooner or later, they would require an Ultimate Weapon, and this would allow Hactar to finally complete his purpose, something he had felt considerably guilty about not doing before. Upon first witnessing the glory and splendor of the Universe, they casually, whimsically, decided to destroy it, remarking, “It’ll have to go.” Aided again by the mind of Hactar, the Krikkiters built an incredible battlefleet and waged a massive war against the entire Universe. The Galaxy, then in an era of relative peace, was unprepared, and spent the next 2,000 years fighting the Krikkiters in war that resulted in about two “grillion” casualties. [Emphasis added.]

When Krikkit was eventually defeated, Judiciary Pag sentenced Krikkit and its sun to be sealed in a Slo-Time Envelope within which time would pass almost infinitely slowly until the end of the Universe, thus serving the dual purpose of protecting the Universe from Krikkit, and allowing the Krikkiters to enjoy a solitary existence in the twilight of Creation. Light would be deflected around the envelope, making it invisible and impenetrable.

Eventually all seems to have turned out relatively well, as the rest of the linked article suggests.

Did our current crop of Islamists arrive in Arabian Lands from Krikkit via a worm hole in the space-time continuum and discover that people unlike them existed — and decide to dominate or eliminate “the others,” including other Islamists of different sects, to establish their supreme Caliphate? Historically inaccurate, of course, but it seems as good an explanation as any other. Alas, we seem presently to have no slo-time technology to deal with them. Modest additional defense appropriations might make it available. Perhaps it will be included in our next comprehensive legislation.

Brigadoon, a better fantasy

There is another world of fantasy which involves something vaguely resembling Douglas Adams’ slo-time envelope, used for a very different purpose — simply to be left alone and in peace. Does anyone else remember the motion picture Brigadoon? Wikipedia provides a synopsis. Here’s mine, somewhat shorter. The village of Brigadoon was encased in a sort of slo-time envelope, through a miracle, to awaken for a brief (twenty-four hour) untroubled existence once every century. On that day, the residents continued to do as they had done when last awakened in the previous century. No Brigadoon inhabitant could leave without breaking the spell and destroying Brigadoon, although an outsider could enter and leave on that one day but never thereafter return — except with great motivation. In Brigadoon there were no automobiles, televisions, life-saving drugs, modern dentistry, modern medicine or even the beauties of ObamaCare. Still, the residents found Brigadoon and its isolation quite pleasant. An accidental male visitor from New York City managed to leave Brigadoon, go back to New York for a few weeks and then return to Brigadoon, leaving the Big Apple and all of its marvels for ever.

This YouTube video from a 1966 “made for television” version of the earlier motion picture is “only” one hour and twenty-one minutes long. It is well worth watching, even the Armstrong Corporation commercials for the ironic contrasts they provide.

Brigadoon might provide the only way to bring the Flower of Scotland back to life, along with some of the rest of us.

Have we “advanced” or regressed since the days the story of Brigadoon depicts? It is all fantasy, but what about the “real” world in which we live? Is it a fantasy as well, albeit a rather morbid one? Is it better, or worse?

What’s good and what’s bad about fantasy?

Libruls, who adore President Obama, seem to enjoy living with him in his fantasy world and perhaps have something barely approaching the right idea. They are either unaware that they live in a fantasy world or don’t care, as they continue to preach about change for the better — for them — while pretending that it will be best for the rest of us as well.

Fantasy Island Obama

Brigadoon is better because it is recognized as a place of fantasy, where one’s enjoyment harms no one else. Fantasy of that type can be more enjoyable than reality. In our current reality, President Obama will not likely be impeached and convicted, “our” Judicial and Executive Branches are unlikely to return to constitutional basics and “our” Legislators are not likely to represent “we the people” — or even to bother to read the legislation on which they vote. As for the Republican Party, how’s this for a kick in the posterior? It has been denied, but is it true? I don’t know. A remotely similar article appears here. Does any of this “grab” anyone else? What difference does anything of that sort make now? Should we simply become accustomed to it? 

Perhaps a stay in Brigadoon might provide useful ideas on how to transform reality into something more pleasant, if for no better reason than that it could yield glimpses of something worth emulating. Nothing else seems to be working well and I hope that others will offer better — and more realistic — ideas. In the meantime, this story of a little optimist comes to mind: having been given a bedroom full of horse manure for Christmas, he kept trying, and failing, to find a pony in the manure. Strangely, this poem by William Wordsworth also came unbidden to whatever may be left of my mind. He would not likely have written it had he lived in Brigadoon.

The World is Too Much With Us

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.

Perhaps some old mountain dew might help. I prefer rum, but old mountain dew should be just fine in a pinch.

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