Down the Rabbit Hole to ObamaLand

President Obama is the Queen of Hearts and RINOs are His tame flamingos.

When Alice fell down a rabbit hole she encountered many odd creatures, including the Queen of Hearts who was fond of yelling “off with their Heads” and using flamingos as croquet mallets. Falling down a rabbit hole into ObamaLand has resulted in similar experiences for us. Fortunately for Alice, her experiences in Wonderland were only a dream from which she awakened. Unfortunately for us, ObamaLand is now reality instead of just a bad dream. Will we awaken in time to change that reality?

President Obama and those who support his brave new world initiative, ObamaCare, use RINOs as croquet mallets and with their help he can win.

Queen plays croquet

If “unexpectedly” he does not win, it’s off with the heads of those who prevent Him from winning. Often He has merely to threaten decapitation. That threat now seems to be aborting efforts of Republicans who might otherwise try to defund ObamaCare. RINO Rick Moran at PJ Media wrote an article explaining — to the (in his apparent view) far less intelligent — how very, very silly any attempt to defund ObamaCare would be, in part because it would not work and because the public would blame the wicked opposition for opposing He Who Must Not be Opposed.

[I]t could be that most Republicans on the Hill have faced up to the reality of the situation and, like any adult, are dealing with the world as it is, not as some less-mature members would wish it to be. The two-thirds of Republicans who think it a bad idea to shut down the government for absolutely no reason save a puckish desire to make the president look bad will suffer the political consequences — not the loudmouths who call their brethren cowards and continue to insist that the facts can be ignored in order to achieve a result that simply isn’t achievable. [Emphasis added]

. . . .

One needs to ask why Cruz, Lee, and the rest of the pro-shut-down crowd are pushing the fantasy that Obamacare can be defunded. What kind of scam are they running? True, many of their supporters will dismiss the CRS report as some kind of plot to prevent the defunding of Obamacare, but what’s their excuse? That they’re as nutty as some of their supporters? One might suspect that they’d like to keep bashing Republicans who won’t fight fights that can’t be won because they look all the more “principled” to the slack-jawed crowd, with more reality-based Republicans seeming weak and squeamish by comparison. Or perhaps, like Alfred the butler describing a Burmese bandit in The Dark Knight, “some men just want to watch the world burn”

That neatly sums up the RINO position that conservative principles are not worth fighting for and that the “slack-jawed” cretins who even try are “less mature” than all-wise RINOs. Some of them must be “tea party terrorists.” According to “Tingles” Matthews at MSNBC, the effort by Senator Cruz of Texas to defund ObamaCare is an act of “political terrorism.” Beloved Republican master strategist Karl Rove apparently agrees with Mr. Moran.  That, if nothing else, should shame all Republicans who are not RINOs into disgraced silence and submission. 

President Obama, a very kind soul, is trying to help everyone in Congress by exempting members and staff from ObamaCare. Members of the Congress had spoken of trying to do that but didn’t because of anticipated political repercussions. Those repercussions might be as bad as from shutting down the Government “for absolutely no reason save a puckish desire to make the president look bad.” By exempting them from the horrors of ObamaCare, The Queen of Hearts President Obama gave Himself and the Congress a win-win situation. In a fit of bipartisanship, Democrats were just fine with His grand solution. Bless them all!

Here’s a list of labor unions and companies granted various ObamaCare waivers. It’s already a very long list, so what difference could a few more administratively granted exemptions make now?

Clinton testifies

There seems to be little political need for RINOs to worry that it is the constitutional duty of the Congress to make “our” laws and of the President to veto or to enforce them as written. Sometimes, as with ObamaCare — passed by a compliant Democrat controlled Congress — they are written to provide excessive administrative flexibility. The Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform legislation would do that as well. It is much the same with massive continuing resolutions in place of well-tailored and specific annual budgets. Such congressional abdications of responsibility make the problems worse. Welcome to the brave new ObamaLand, in which the Constitution was written on thin sheets of rubber and is as flexible as even President Obama could wish.

Last week, numerous Republicans in both chambers of Congress threatened to cut off all funding for the federal government as of Oct. 1, in response to President Obama’s unconstitutional stance that he can pick and choose which parts of ObamaCare he will implement.

On July 3, the Obama administration disclosed that it would not implement ObamaCare’s employer mandate on Jan. 1, 2014, though the law says the mandate “shall” go into effect that day. The administration pretended it was no big deal.

But it violates the law and affects 10 million currently uninsured or underinsured workers whose employers would have been subject to the mandate. The cost of insuring these workers is shifted from employers to taxpayers, who foot the bill for subsidized insurance on the new ObamaCare exchanges. At an average cost of $5,290 per subsidized enrollee, according to the Congressional Budget Office, this will add billions to the cost of ObamaCare next year alone.

Two days later, another whopper. On July 5, the Obama administration revealed that it would also skip the health law’s requirement that applicants seeking taxpayer subsidies to pay for their insurance have their income and insurance eligibility verified. Welcome fraudsters; too bad again for taxpayers. [Emphasis added.]

Obama does not have the authority to choose which parts of the law are enforced. In 1975, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against President Nixon’s inflated claims that he could selectively carry out the law.

But going to court to keep presidents in line is slow and necessitates finding litigants to sue the president. The framers gave Congress a more practical way to resist a power-hungry president: defunding.

Defunding is precisely what members of Congress are supposed to do when a president breaks the law. It’s checks and balances in action. Two centuries ago, the chief architect of the Constitution James Madison declared in Federalist No. 58 that Congress’ authority over spending is the “most complete and effectual tool” to stop a president from grabbing more power than the Constitution allows. [Emphasis added.]

. . . .

Sadly, some Republicans are whining about the political consequences if Obama calls their bluff and allows the government to run out of money.

“They’re going to shut down the Grand Canyon,” Arizona Sen. John McCain warned, and he’ll hear about it from unhappy voters. [Emphasis added.]

Great Zeus and Thor! Not the Sacred Canyon!

Several senators who originally signed on with Lee saw the political risk, lost their nerve, and removed their names. Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., even called withholding funding “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.”

There is nothing dumb about protecting the Constitution. Members of Congress took an oath to uphold it. If not now, when?

Senator McCain? Why is he still in the Senate instead of out admiring his beloved Grand Canyon along with his delighted supporters for as long as it remains open?

Many House Republicans view our Senator John McCain as “the most lethal threat to a significant victory on spending cuts in the budget battles this fall. The Right’s worst fear about McCain is that he and five or six of his allies could sign on to a Democratic bill at the height of a debt-ceiling showdown, giving Obama and Majority Leader Harry Reid the imprimatur of bipartisanship. … McCain, who jokes openly that he is a ‘Senate snob,’ certainly won’t listen to the House. But many Republicans are wondering whether anyone in the party can stop McCain from helping the Democrats in the fall.”

Jonathan Strong, “Can Anyone Stop John McCain,” National Review Online

Senator McCain is still angry and cranky. He called Fox News “schizophrenic” and blasted the Tea Party again. He said the Tea Party aims to keep things from getting done. [Editor’s note: Yes, John, they aim to keep the wrong people in government – you and others — from doing the wrong things that continually hurt America. If anyone is negative it’s McCain. Why does anyone give him a microphone?]

More executive orders? Coming right up. According to this article at Politico,

President Barack Obama is planning to bypass congressional Republicans with a surge of executive actions and orders on issues like voting rights, health care, job creation, the economy, climate change and immigration.

And this time, he really, really, really means it. Really.

. . . .

And he’s used the executive authority tactic before, including last summer’s controversial move to cut deportations for younger illegal immigrants and the mental health focus he announced as part of his gun control agenda after the Newtown massacre.

But administration officials and advisers say what’s ahead will be more extensive and frequent than previous efforts, and the White House is on the hunt for anything that can move without congressional approval, including encouraging efforts like Attorney General Eric Holder’s lawsuits to find new avenues of enforcement in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act last month. [Emphasis added.]

That will show the stinky old Court! How dare they meddle where they don’t belong in ObamaLand? Don’t they know their place?

He’s even started soliciting suggestions for where to move next. Bass and other CBC members asked him to change the Medicaid process in territories to base allocations on income level, to repeal the Bush minimum wage federal contractor policies and to address child welfare. The CAPAC members also offered suggestions like changing the federal government’s process of recognizing native Hawaiians.

Obama told them he was open to all of them, and said his staff is working on others in the model of the new emission standards he announced as part of his climate agenda last month.

Can some of our dear RINOs become — or cast themselves as — staunch conservatives? Perhaps. Senator Comprehensive Immigration Reform Rubio is now trying to foist himself off as a “real” conservative by supporting ObamaCare defunding.

RONALD REAGAN: I became a Republican not because the parties were the same but precisely because they were different. More than half of those who didn’t vote have been polled and say it no longer makes any difference which party wins. Now, some have taken another course. There are some among us and I respect their views, who suggests that that means the end to the Republican Party and we should form a new third party. May I suggest an alternative to that? Let’s have a new first party, the Republican Party, raising a banner of bold colors, no pale pastels standing for certain values which will not be compromised. [Emphasis added.]

. . . .

HANNITY: Is this the moment that Reagan described back then?

RUBIO: It is. It is because if we’re not willing to draw the line in the sand on Obamacare, what issue are we willing to do it on? I can’t think of a single thing that’s affecting our economy negatively more than Obamacare is right now. This is not about shutting down the government as our opponents say. This is very simple. This is about whether we’re going to continue to pour money into a program that is basically eviscerating the American economy. It’s forcing people to go from full-time work to part-time work, costing people health insurance they’re happy with, costing them their existing relationship with their doctor they’ve been seeing them for years, hurting businesses that have been growing. It’s so damaging that even the employees union of the IRS, the very people tasked with enforcing this law, are begging to be let out from under this law. This is a critical moment. If we’re not willing to fight on this issue, what issue are we willing to fight on? [Emphasis added.]

He must be a very brave conservative to present a conservative coloration! Did he, like Alice, eat from the “get bigger” side of an ObamaLand mushroom to counter the effects of the “get smaller” side that had prompted him to support his Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill? Hasn’t PJ Media’s Rick Moran sent him a memo? Doesn’t he understand that drawing “the line in the sand on Obamacare” would be just that: a line for the next tide (along with help from President Obama’s friends) to wash away? We need to do better. How about a line in steel or at least concrete, rather than in the sand, on ObamaCare, amnesty and border security? But amnesty and border security are different, of course.

Oh, never mind. Everything that President Obama wants is just as wonderful as ObamaCare and only heartless traitors such as Sarah Palin could oppose him, it or otherwise try “puckishly” to “make Him look bad.” Here’s what Bill Whittle has to say about ObamaCare:

Only “little people” are stuck with ObamaCare and that’s a good thing because — unlike congressional members and staff along with Obama supporters everywhere — they are too ignorant to know what’s good for them. 

ObamaCare Pigs
H/t to Conservative Tree House.

How about throwing as many RINOs as possible out of office and finding ways to get a Republican presidential candidate of a higher caliber than in 2008 and 2012? If we don’t try and actually do it, the nightmares of ObamaLand will continue interminably.

Oh, fiddle. That would be too much work, so here’s the solution:

Now, suitably drunk, let’s all send President Obama happy birthday cards because he has an such an ingratiating smile.

Organizing for Action

The other side will spend millions to maintain the status quo. We’re fighting for change — chip in $5 or more to support OFA today.

I’ve received several more e-mails since the one posted above, so it must be really important. Let’s all help and win one for the Grifter in Chief.

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10 Responses to Down the Rabbit Hole to ObamaLand

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  3. Evie Garone says:

    I didn’t know I could be any more disappointed or disillusioned than I had been…..but when Boehner and Co. made their pact with Obama to save their healthcare but the individual shall have the ACA it did me in……where shall it end? When will the masses wake up that we’re screwed? McCain is just beyond the pale…..why doesn’t he just walk off into his beloved Canyon and never be seen again? I don’t see an end to this mess unless Lee, Rubio and some others toe the line and refuse to fund this abomination that is the ACA……or as I’d still rather call it ObamaCare. Great post as usual! Evie

  4. bunkerville says:

    Boehner and crew made their pact with the devil when they pleaded with him to save their healthcare. Any argument against executuve orders became moot with the taking of his benevolence since they refused to go on the record and vote themselves a reprieve from obamcare. Excellent post.

  5. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  6. Tom,

    Republicans have to come together, stop attacking each other because one bunch isn’t quite as ideologically pure as the other bunch, and behave like a viable political party.

    On what points should they come together? How about to behave as a viable opposition political party? How about defunding even “the worst parts of the ACA . . . .” There are plenty of highly objectionable parts — from many of which CongressCritters, congressional staff, favored unions and favored companies are being exempted through the Grace of Obama. If a viable opposition party were to do that for everyone else too, would President Obama cause a Government shutdown? He might. Libruls, who would support President Obama no matter what, would probably applaud. The “legitimate media? Probably. So? Would enough Republicans to make a difference then not vote for even reasonably conservative candidates in 2014? Could there again be no reasonably conservative Republican presidential candidate in 2016? If so, the situation is even worse than I fear it is.

  7. Tom Carter says:

    I agree that something must be done about ObamaCare. The first sign of trouble was when legislation of such sweeping impact was passed in such a bitterly partisan way.

    Even if ObamaCare is completely thrown out, which seems highly unlikely, we’d still have health care problems. However, those could be addressed as individual issues, and that would be much more effective and could probably be done with bipartisan support.

    What we have here is a rock and a hard place. If ObamaCare isn’t dealt with definitively in the very near future, it will be very difficult to get rid of it without going through a huge lurch in health care and the economy. However, if the Republicans try to accomplish that by forcing the President to deal with a CR that defunds most or all of the law, he isn’t going to sign it. That will force another charade of “shutting down the government,” and the Republicans will lose just like they did in the 90s.

    The only realistic solution is for the Republicans to take over Congress in 2014 and the White House in 2016. Then they can begin to whittle away at the worst parts of the ACA while preserving less objectionable parts. If the Republicans can’t win enough power to get that done, then we’ll be stuck with the ObamaCare mess for a very long time.

    So, the only answer is the democratic way. Republicans have to come together, stop attacking each other because one bunch isn’t quite as ideologically pure as the other bunch, and behave like a viable political party. If they can’t manage that, then, as the man said, we’ll continue to get the government we deserve.

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