It’s Hard to Mock the Presidency but Easy to Mock President Obama

Mocking His own Presidency is what President Obama does best. There is so much to mock about Him that the temptation to do that is irresistible.
The rodeo clown distraction has received more attention than it deserves.


A White House spokesman has put in his one cent worth

A silly controversy surrounding a Missouri rodeo clown’s decision to don a mask of President Barack Obama before taunting bulls to attack him – a traditional practice in American rodeo culture – became frighteningly serious on Wednesday. Rather than push back against the overwrought response from some Obama supporters, offended by the mockery of the president, the White House has tacitly condoned their response. Clown-gate is no longer a laughing matter.

. . . .

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that he could not offer them Obama’s personal thoughts on the rodeo clown. The president is currently vacationing with his family on Martha’s Vineyard. He did, however, express his personal regrets about how the incident reflects negatively on his home state.

So, what the heck. Here’s mine.

Obama Chavez

The verb “to mock” is defined here as “to attack or treat with ridicule, contempt, or derision.” No one else could possibly mock the presidency as conspicuously and effectively as has President Obama; I can think of no one else who has. Only He has all of the resources of the Executive Branch at His command to mock the constitutional office he unfortunately holds. He uses those resources to mock the presidency more effectively than for any other purpose. For anyone else it would take substantially more effort to mock that office better. It is probably impossible even to match “our” Dear Leader President in mocking His office, and it would in any event be a wrong headed thing to attempt. There is an important difference between mocking the office of the President and mocking President Obama: He is easy to mock and deserves it. He and his fellow travelers seem not to recognize the difference and confuse the office of the President with Him.

The Missouri rodeo clown did his actual job far better and more effectively than President Obama does His. The clown’s job was to distract the attention of a charging bull from a recently dismounted cowboy and, in the process, to amuse the crowd. Although President Obama often uses the office He holds as a distraction, He has probably never seen a charging bull “up close and personal” and never “gets run over by a bull.” Instead, He issues Presidential Bulls galore and tosses lots of bull digestive byproduct around; his fans seem to relish both.

Was it even remotely a function of the rodeo clown to lead a dialogue on race? Of course not.

Protestations of the form “look at the Bush masks; look all the Bush hate; the sales clerk wasn’t a racist after all and Oprah should apologize” are fruitless, and will continue to be fruitless until matters are set right.

Matters are not going to be set right until Americans take fully on board the brute fact that the “dialogue” on race in this country is, quite literally, psychotic.

That this is so is easily seen by reflection that, for example, the racial “dialogue” we’ve been hectored about for several decades is in reality no “dialogue” at all; it is a monologue imposed by the powerful in order to decimate the values and individuality of the powerless. [Emphasis added.]

When reality itself is completely contradicted by the description of it and the description is resolutely adhered to anyway, what you have is — psychosis.

In the current historical moment, the psychosis is quite functional: it serves to facilitate “progress” toward full blown Marxo-Fascism.

Many in the audience appear to have thought that the clown did his own job pretty well. According to an article titled Obama the Clown,

Recently the left has been outraged over the rodeo clown who wore a mask of Obama while performing.  The crowd loved it; the left is crying about it. The NAACP is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the clown, others on the left are asking the Secret Service to investigate the clown.  The clown has been banned for life from any further rodeos put on by this particular rodeo company!  Did you ever think that in the United States wearing a mask of a president  would cause this reaction?  This is not America!! The left is trying to make Obama royalty by making it next to illegal to make fun of the king!  This is as bad as muslims when they riot over spoofs of Mohammed!  The left is also saying a US president should not be mocked or disrespected.  Really? [Emphasis added.]

Will the next ObamaDebacle be blamed on a rodeo clown video? That might work.

Here’s part of a semi-satirical article at Human Events titled Rodeo clown forces decimated and on the run.

As every Constitutional scholar knows, the First Amendment includes a clause that strictly forbids mockery of the President of the United States, depending on who it is, and which party he belongs to.  It’s in one of the penumbras of the Constitution, or maybe it’s an emanation.  I always get those two mixed up.

Thus it became essential for the forces of freedom and democracy to crush an impertinent rodeo clown who dared to put on a mask of our Dear Leader, President Barack Obama, and ask spectators if they would like to see him get run down by a bull.  “Many in the audience responded enthusiastically,” reports the Associated Press.

And we can’t have that.  Just forget about all those effigies of George Bush you saw the Left parading around with, back when Americans had full-time jobs.  That was completely different.

His loyal followers were not enchanted by the novelty of seeing bull headed toward President Obama for a change, because they raised a great hue and cry. The whole affair reached a level of national media importance we have recently been told is inappropriate for local stories, such as the Kermit Gosnell abortion-murder trial.  Punishment was swift and devastating . . . .

A press release from the Missouri State Fair Commission stipulates that before the fair considers working with the Missouri Rodeo Cowboys Association again, “they must provide evidence to the director of the Missouri State Fair that they have proof that all officials and subcontractors of the MRCA have successfully participated in sensitivity training.”  On the bright side, those who attend these sensitivity training seminars will enjoy the finest North Korean cuisine. [Emphasis added.]

Hey! Don’t go dissing our little Oriental brothers! Dear Leader Kim Chi-un might get mad.

Here’s a video presentation about the incident.

Allen West considered the controversy hypocritical. According to Steve Webb, chairman of the Missouri Democrat Caucus, it was racist because of the “racial content.” He didn’t explain how or why, nor did he mention the “racial content” of President Obama’s efforts to get elected, reelected and to govern “His way.” Oh well. Perhaps the clown should have worn a lighter color mask.

Here’s another clown video presentation at PJ Media’s Next Generation (it does not yet seem to be available at YouTube). The point was made several times that, in addition to being silly, the resultant librul angst has been just one more distraction from President Obama’s “phony” scandals, general incompetence and falling public confidence ratings. It has worked, because President Obama’s librul clowns friends seem to enjoy poking fun at everyone except themselves and their comrades.

Zombie at PJ Tatler seems to have found the rodeo clown’s antics amusing and then one-upped him considerably.

This is part of Zombie’s write-up about the video:

The clown concluded his performance with an extended skit in which, dressed realistically as Obama, he took four strokes to finally sink his putt on a simulated golf hole, despite starting the skit only a few yards from the pin, implying that the President was a bad golfer, even though he has spent the majority of his presidency on the course.

Everybody need a laughin’ place.

Laughin’ is not an equal opportunity result sport and somebody’s laughin’ place don’t have to be nobody else’s laughin’ place. No suh, it sho nuf don’t.

Perhaps in our brave new multi-cultural, multi-sexual, post-partisan, post-racial*, vegan society that’s changed. However, I sho’ nuf laughed. Yes suh, I sho nuf done laughed awful hard myself. Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear didn’t find Br’er Rabbit’s laughin’ place funny at all; they found it painful. Many on the left seem to have found the recent clown incident about as unpleasant. They probably would not think highly of the rest of The Song of the South either. Br’er Bear was depicted as a big, stupid, black bear; that must have been racist so, in the unlikely event that the film is remade with necessary sensitivity, a white polar bear will have to be found somewhere outside the South and substituted. That will clearly bring us closer to an honest discussion of race.

That's racist

President Obama is a clown and

Through their own ignorance, Obama’s sycophants have proven themselves to be simply more clowns in Obama’s clown car. [Emphasis in original.]

Clearly, the author of that article needs emergency care in a sensitivity training compound. I had better join him there — immediately after buying an Obama mask.

*Not to be confused with post-turtle.

Obama Post Turtle

On the other hand, He also seems to be a whole stack of turtles — bad news all the way down.

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10 Responses to It’s Hard to Mock the Presidency but Easy to Mock President Obama

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  3. bliffle says:

    Another tiresome and boring article from Dan. There is nothing more dull than a failed satire. I doubt that even Jonathan Swift himself could contrive a satire or irony that contained the phrase “Marxo-Fascism”.

    • Tom Carter says:

      Unfortunately for you, my friend, there is no such thing as “failed satire.” You may not “get” it, or agree with it, or think it to be satire in the first place, but that’s irrelevant.

  4. sally1137 says:

    I am buying an Obama mask, a cowboy hat, and a t-shirt that reads, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”

  5. mdeyoung58 says:

    Great article! If I were a rodeo owner I would be offering free admission and popcorn to everyone showing up in an Obama mask! As you say, Obama is easy to mock and he makes himself a target. What really worries me concerned about all of this silly clown publicity is the progressives attempt to shut down free speech at any cost when it concerns Obama. The progressives are out to make Obama the next Mohammed and we all know what happens when someone dares to mock Mohammed!! Good luck progressives; I will now double my efforts at mocking Obama just to enjoy my free speech while I still have it!

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