Chamberlain, Churchill, Obama and Appeasement

In this short video, Bill Whittle summarizes much history and shows
its relevance to America today.


At the end of Mr. Whittle’s video, he asks who and where is our Winston Churchill today. He does not provide an answer, but urges us to find him before it’s too late.

Can we? Will we? There are very few of Winston Churchill’s caliber today and President Obama even got rid of the Churchill bust that he apparently thought disgraced “His” White House.

LTC Allen West (U.S. Army, ret.) stands out. Perhaps there are others with suitable military backgrounds, knowledge of the dangers of Islamism and with the integrity to say what they mean and to mean what they say. Each is an essential quality, but if one of them is absent the importance of the others is thereby diminished.

If we don’t find such a man and elevate him to a position in which he can made a difference, will the United States face something similar to what Chamberlain’s vision for peace brought the world? We will be far better off if we don’t find out.

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6 Responses to Chamberlain, Churchill, Obama and Appeasement

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  3. Tom,

    You characterize Colonel West as “Not moderate and too narrow.” He understands what I consider to be the greatest threat to modern western civilization, Islamism. How can one who wants our civilization to flourish, rather than to be destroyed, be “moderate” in that desire? If you had even a possibly terminal cancer, how would you fancy a surgeon who sort of, half way, understands the threat and is “moderate” about expunging it? Wouldn’t you find another surgeon, quickly? Churchill understood and, because of that understanding, was not “moderate” about the threat to western civilization posed by Hitler’s Germany. Colonel West seems to parallel him in connection with Islamism.

    Further to “too narrow,” Churchill was interested in and had a good grasp of many problems and solutions transcending Hitler’s Germany. He read, and wrote, much about history. That enhanced his grasp of his nation’s problems and likely solutions to them. President Obama, while perhaps interested in a few matters beyond campaigning and getting a compliant Congress and population, has a marvelous deficiencies in understanding much beyond demagoguery.

    We don’t need a President who follows public opinion sufficiently to appear to be moderate, without giving much thought to anything beyond his personal popularity. We need one who has sufficient integrity and grounding in history to persuade the public that he knows what he is doing. A large part of that lies in saying what he means and meaning what he says. That strikes me as a better description of Colonel West than of any of the others whom you mention.

    • Tom Carter says:


      You say, “We don’t need a President who follows public opinion sufficiently to appear to be moderate, without giving much thought to anything beyond his personal popularity.” Interesting way to define “moderate” in political terms. How about something more along the lines of “someone who isn’t an ideologue of the left or right but who gives rational thought to issues and decides on facts and principle rather than on ideology.” Sounds better to me. Maybe he would have been boring, but I think Romney would have given us leadership of that kind.

      I’ll summarize my opinion of Allen West’s presidential possibilities this way: I’ll give you 10,000 to 1 odds that he isn’t inaugurated as president in Jan 2017. (If I were a betting man, that is….)

  4. Tom Carter says:

    Churchill spent more time in his life as a goat than as a hero. His greatness came in the context of the times, and once the war was over, the people threw him out.

    I don’t know who we need as president in these times. Certainly not a leftist community organizer, as the last five years have proven, and a far-right conservative or libertarian probably wouldn’t be any better. We need a president who is a political moderate with backbone and a lot of relevant experience, especially in foreign policy, and I don’t know who that is. Powell? Too old. Petraeus? Too damaged. West? Not moderate and too narrow. Carson? Great guy, but being a surgeon doesn’t seem like relevant experience. Christie? Probably good, if he can get elected. Or maybe someone else — like HIllary, who would probably be the worst of all possibilities.

    Maybe the answer is to move to Canada. Their politics are as goofy as ours, almost, but what they do doesn’t make any difference. That would be nice for a change.

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