President Obama is Emasculating America

Not merely Himself

Conspiracy theories

An article posted on September 19th at The Jerusalem Post is titled Emasculating America. The author, David Weinberg, is not a conspiracy theorist but, based on his article, some may castigate him as one, wrongly.

Mr. Weinberg contends that President Obama is neither naive nor inept nor maladroit; He wants America to be emasculated.

Why has Obama so wantonly and care-freely allowed America’s international reputation and awesome global power to waste away? The answer is that Obama is clearly out to emasculate America; to doggedly drag it down, purposefully so. He seeks the weakening of the United States on the global stage as a good and necessary outcome. He has set this as one of the key goals of his presidency – and he is doing a very good, skillful job at hitting his target! In short, the nonchalance of Obama as America decays is doctrinaire. He ideologically intends it. [Emphasis added.]

From day one, Obama has not been comfortable with American leadership in world affairs. He explicitly views America’s past global performance to be arrogant and high-handed; to be militaristic and not completely moral.

His wife, during the first campaign, called America a “mean” country. Obama termed America “overbearing.” Dozens of times, he has made it clear that he views America not as the leader of the world or the free world, but at best as a partner in the community of nations. Obama himself prefers to preen as a “citizen of the world.” [Emphasis added.]

That self-definition rolls comfortably off his tongue; being a “citizen of the United States” does not. He just doesn’t like America all that much.

His path, then, is to “fundamentally transform” America’s place in the world; to denude the United States of its overwhelming global power; to strip the United States of its superior position; to drag America down from its imperious perch.

. . . .

In five short years, with three to go, he has succeeded in squandering centuries of American might, prestige and credibility.

Over the past month, Obama has granted Putin a gargantuan international victory, given Assad a new lease on life, emboldened Iran and its allies like Hezbollah, and reenergized the morally-bankrupt UN – while playing Hamlet about his own authority to strike Syria and trashing US credibility.

He leaves America’s reputation in the world “unbelievably small.” [Emphasis added.]

If the author is correct, and I very much fear that he is, those who consider President Obama merely naive, inept and maladroit would do well to reconsider their views. Continuing to opine that recent events have emasculated President Obama — rather than what’s left of America — would mean their own emasculation as opponents of what has become the “Obama Doctrine” — speak loudly, carry a small feather and get out of the way. 

Obama in Egypt

President Obama should be pushed out of the way, but not by Russia or the United Nations. He won’t be pushed unless He is presented accurately, vigorously and effectively as hating all of the good for which America has stood and as embracing all of the evil that has fouled or attempted to foul her. Recognizing the nature of a problem is a first step toward dealing with it successfully.

If we recognize the problem, what can we do about it?

First, it’s best to dismiss the highly unlikely. A bill of Impeachment, even by the Republican controlled House of Representatives, is presently at best a remote possibility. Even if it were otherwise, the Democrat controlled Senate would not convict their Lord Obama. Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution provides,

The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present. [Emphasis added.]

Dreaming can be pleasant but accomplishes little. Neither do hopes that public opinion will turn unbidden against President Obama based on His efforts to emasculate America. Foreign policy appears to be at the bottom of the thermometer of popular importance, even after the mess in Syria which made His efforts at emasculation shine.

A Trifecta video was posted yesterday about Republican efforts to defund ObamaCare, which the House voted today to do. That’s good. However, the video, particularly Bill Whittle’s comments, has substantial relevance if transported into the present context:

There is a story to tell about President Obama’s scalpel continuing to castrate America and telling the story badly won’t work. Will anyone likely to be listened to find a really big audience of “we the people” and do it? Unless someone tells it loudly, with vigor and not only to fellow conservatives, President Obama will be enabled to continue doing his thing to our nation for which He has little if any respect.

Although I enjoyed this video posted on September 9th, which as of this writing has had 2,423,891 views, 30,940 likes and 3,025 dislikes, it seems unlikely to do much to sway the opinions of President Obama’s legions of admirers. They are the ones who most of all need to be swayed. Perhaps the video is too subtle in seeking to damn President Obama by praising him idiotically; some libruls may have seen it as actual praise rather than as appropriate and biting satire; I don’t know.

There is at least one baby step that may do some good if successful: try to get conservative, or failing that Republican, control of both houses of the Congress during the 2014 election cycle. Domestic, rather than foreign policy, seems the most likely key unless somebody tells a very effective story about the consequences of castration or President Obama gets us into a shooting war with no good results and daily body counts heading skyward of dead Americans. That would be the probable result were President Obama to get us into one using His rules of engagement.

However, as public disapproval of ObamaCare continues to increase, as the economy continues its decline, as President Obama and other Democrats continue to demand unpopular attempts at citizen control masquerading as “gun control” and as popular disenchantment with pervasive governmental snooping increases, conservative (or at least Republican) control of both houses may be possible.


An  optimistic conclusion would be comforting. However, I haven’t been able to think of one. Whatever happens, President Obama will almost certainly have until January of 2017 to continue screwing the nation pretty much as He sees fit. Then, it may well be up to Hillary Clinton to continue shoving our nation even further in the wrong directions.

If others have potentially viable ideas I would very much like to know what they are. In the meantime, we can all prepare for Christmas.

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