No-Negotiate-Obama was only Practicing [Spoof]

In a Presidential Address delivered today, President Obama
calmed Wall Street and the rest of the nation by reversing course.

Obama FP outsourced to Putin

Here is the text of the Presidential Address:

My fellow Americans, some of you believe that my “no negotiations” stance toward Republicans was ill considered and that by intentionally causing unnecessary pain for you, my Fellow Americans, I was just being nasty. Now, I can tell you why I had to do it.

As some have noticed, I have been a wuss in dealing with our foreign enemies. That was, I thought, the best I was able to do. Recognizing the pain this has caused those who want a strong President internationally, I decided that I needed to practice domestically in order to become a truly strong President internationally. Hence, I adopted a “no negotiation” posture in dealing with my Republican colleagues. I did it with great success, much to the displeasure of many and the joy of some. Now, it is time to stop that charade. I shall henceforth negotiate amicably and reasonably with the Republicans. I recognize that, in domestic politics, I cannot get all that I claim to want and that I must yield to facts and circumstances.

Due to the success of my practice run, I am now turning my “no negotiate” stance against our foreign enemies. Henceforth, in dealing with such rogue entities as Iran, North Korea, Palestine and other Islamist groups, I Shall Not yield, even a small fraction of an inch.


Iran has bullied and lied to the free world incessantly as it has continued to pursue nuclear armaments. I have, therefore, directed My negotiators to demand, unconditionally:

♠ Total cessation of all Uranium enrichment and Plutonium production;

♠ Destruction of all means of Uranium enrichment and Plutonium production;

♠ Disestablishment of all Iranian military forces; and

♠ Cessation of all support for terrorist activities and organizations.

When — and only when — all of these necessary steps are taken, I shall consider the possibility of lifting some sanctions on a temporary basis, pending absolutely credible demonstrations of Iranian good will and truthfulness.

North Korea

The rogue state of North Korea has also played us for suckers for years. It already has nuclear armaments and the means to deliver them. They must be destroyed, immediately. Accordingly, I shall demand that North Korea destroy them immediately and, in addition, that it make the same concessions that I am demanding from Iran. When North Korea complies, I shall consider the possibility of lifting some sanctions on a temporary basis, pending concrete and satisfactory demonstrations of North Korean good will and truthfulness.


My approach and that of My Administration to a “peace process” in Israel has been a farce. Prime Minister Netanyahu, in secret discussions with Me, has convinced Me that the current process will not work and will instead promote further chaos and terrorism in the entire region. Enough! Henceforth, I shall put no pressure of any sort on Israel — the only reasonably free and democratic nation in the Middle East — to make concessions to the PLO or to its terror promoting allies.

Other Islamist Entities

Although Islam is called the “religion of peace,” it seeks peace only in death for those whom it deems heretical, as it seeks to advance its World Wide Caliphate through jihad and by other means, generally violent. That cannot be allowed to continue — as I have permitted and even encouraged it to do. Hence, I shall direct My Administration to take as hard a line with Islamist entities as I took in my practice dealings with Republicans.

To that same end, all United States funding of the Egyptian Government shall be restored immediately and I hereby withdraw all requests that the Muslim Brotherhood butchers be given any role whatever in a future Government.


Thank you, my fellow Americans, for putting up with me during my presidency. You deserve much better than I have thus far delivered. I pledge henceforth to be a Strong President internationally and a reasonable, cooperative President domestically.

Step aside, Mr. Putin. I am here now.


This completely unexpected Presidential Address will likely cause unhappiness among his librul friends and colleagues, but should deliver a strong message to our nation’s enemies. Will President Obama adhere to the principles He set forth, or abandon them when He discovers that it’s targets are far more intransigent than Republicans?

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh well. Fantasy is often more pleasant than reality.


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9 Responses to No-Negotiate-Obama was only Practicing [Spoof]

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  3. Tom Carter says:

    Only flying pigs and excessive amounts of devil rum could give rise to even the snarkful idea that Obama would ever criticize Muslims and America’s other enemies while favoring Israel….

    • True, very true. Or at least partially true.

      I did not imbibe a drop of the Devil’s brew until after I had posted it. Then, of course, I was unable to restrain myself. However, I did see a pig fly past my window, repeatedly, as I was writing. It looked a lot like President Obama.

  4. Freedom, by the way says:

    One can only wish we had a president who would make such a speech.

    • Methinks we need to do more than wish. I don’t know what, but something.

      Writing snark gives me a little bit of pleasure. Although nice that isn’t enough. I would very much appreciate any suggestions.

      Of no relevance of any kind or sort whatever, my December 27, 2011 post titled The U.S Constitution and Civil War continues to be read and as of a moment ago had had 39,772 hits, a record for my little blog.

  5. phoebe53 says:

    This may be a spoof but there may be some truth to it. I think it was a practice run but not for foreign policy, it was a practice run to see how much Americans will take. He didn’t seem too concerned about pissing off the military and veterans which might explain the weapons and ammo buyout for his agencies, he’ll use them as his army. He has shown deliberate disdain for the military and doesn’t think they will fire on Americans, and is now amassing his own army, an army that has no concern for the constitution and will do his bidding, that is scary. I would have no qualms whatsoever on firing on his illegal militia.

    • Your take on President Obama’s intentions makes more sense than does my article. Although I wasn’t trying to make any more sense about His intentions than He has, doing as the Presidential Address says would make a lot more sense than anything He has done.

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