If you are Insane enough to like your Sanity you can keep it. Maybe.

But why would anyone want to be sane when lunacy is the new normal?

Lunatic Asylum

Look at the happy, normal, insane people!

Most of the world, including the United States, has gone bonkers. An article at The Constitution Club titled America’s Threatening Civil Climate Change notes,

The sky isn’t falling; it’s worse than that. America’s long and carefully built civil society is falling, deconstructed from within by its own heedless citizens. What does that mean? It means that our streets aren’t safe anymore, any citizen walking or jogging may be randomly attacked from behind or shot dead for no sensible reason. It means we think twice about kids walking to school and we worry about dark parking lots and groups of young people on the street. It means home invasions and car-jacking and more people being shot by police or by each other. It means gangs and mobs of young and too often, black people looting, rioting and attacking people. It means we can’t afford presumptive trust in our dealings and we presume corruption in our politics. We must increasingly concern ourselves with our own safety and security. Our own government has prepared our military for massive civil disorder. In a long, gradual and relentless process, we are frogs in a gradually heating cookpot.

We have an extraordinarily weird normal Dear Leader. He does little more than continue to be detached from reality and leads mainly through addresses to His faithful; mesmerizing them — the new human normal — is apparently the best He can do. Does He in some ways resemble Chance, the Gardner?

He claims to have had little if anything to do with any unfortunate actions taken by His administration. He is responsible only for any good things that might happen by chance. Bad things? That’s somebody else’s problem.


It’s best this way. Believe me.

Spying on foreign leaders? A low level functionary must have authorized that, because He wouldn’t have known how to do it done it.

As the world joins in opposition to the U.S. attack on privacy worldwide, President Barack Obama has to face awkward meetings with world leaders of allied countries who were subjects of his surveillance. Some reports have stated that Obama personally approved the monitoring of Angela Merkel’s telephone three years ago. Now, the National Security Agency (NSA) is insisting that Obama did not order the monitoring personally. I am not sure what is worse: that Obama ordered interceptions of allied leaders like Merkel or that the surveillance state is so large that functionaries now have the discretion to order such surveillance. Merkel may not find it as more assuring that Obama didn’t order her monitoring than the notion such she is just another target delegated to discretion of lower level officials. It is also not clear if Mike Rogers is going to suggest that Merkel should also thank us for the monitoring.

NSA and the White House will only say that it is not currently monitoring Merkel’s phone calls as opposed to prior surveillance of our ally. The most chilling aspect of the response is the suggestion that this is just another delegated act from Obama. After all, he delegated the decision of which citizens should be killed on his unilateral authority under his Kill List policy. It is all part of our new Security State. Killing citizens, surveilling allied leaders, seizing the records of Americans from email and phone systems . . . it is all the new normal of delegated presidential authority. I have previously written about the dangers of the Imperial Presidency established by Obama. However, what is even more chilling is how absolute presidential powers become delegated absolute presidential powers. Such delegation not only gives presidents like Obama some deniability in scandals like this but allow for the expansion of such programs under a thousand faceless functionaries. Of course, the Administration is also pursuing a scorched earth policy against reporters and whistleblowers in the hopes of avoiding any future need to explain itself to anyone. [Emphasis added.]

Now the NSA Director, General Keith Alexander, says “Enough!” Not enough wrongdoing, of course; that will continue. Enough snooping and reporting by the media.

We simply cannot stand any more disclosures of wrongdoing so Alexander wants to see actions taken against the media to prevent further disclosures.

The NSA surveillance has triggered the greatest diplomatic crisis in decades. The Obama Administration is promising reforms and investigations as if these were . . . . committed by some alien power. Alexander however has returned to the root of the problem in his view — and that of many politicians. It is the media. They are the ones who are continuing to disclose abuses. Stop the media, stop the disclosures. Stop the disclosures, stop the questions. It is so simple and Alexander cannot understand why we cannot come up with a way to shut the media up. He raised the question in an interview with one of the few remaining media sites viewed as friendly, the Defense Department’s own “Armed With Science” blog . . . . [Emphasis added.]

Since President Obama is already detached from and immune to reality — not to mention from accountability — He continues His campaign to encourage the rest of us to be equally detached (but not immune). Perhaps it’s all designed (by somebody else?) to make us so detached that everybody will learn to want the “benefits” of ObamaCare and the rest of the marvels of His masterful intellect. Or something. He became our Dear Leader because “we” voted to give him the presidency, twice, demonstrating “our” collective insanity and also demonstrating that “we” are already far along the road to the new detached normal. In such a world, sanity has little value beyond making us unhappy, and nobody really wants to be unhappy. Besides, if we weren’t all crazy we would all go insane anyway.

There. Feel better already? No? Fruitcakes seem to be happy, so just say “yes” and be one!

Being insane, and hence a fruitcake, is better than being stoned. Isn’t it? 

President Obama believes that Allah may even be slightly Greater than He is and that Islam is really great too. Therefore, with the new normal of insane detachment, both must be true. He considers the Muslim call to prayer one of most beautiful sounds in the world, so it must be.

It’s probably a “cultural thing,” but it strikes me that the Muslim call to prayer sounds like the noise a cow suffering from a bad case of colic (“bloat“) might make.

President Obama’s view on the Muslim call to prayer meshes with His September 25, 2012 statement to the United Nations that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” It would be difficult as well as pointless to “slander” Islam or Mohamed unless truth is slanderous — as President Obama apparently considers it to be. He made that statement in the context of the Benghazi attack which had happened two weeks earlier, on September 11, 2012.

Think He is clueless? Nonsense! Of course he isn’t is, but there’s nothing wrong with being clueless, because He is the Dear Leader and cluelessness is the new normal. Besides, due to President Obama’s benign wisdom, the silly Israelis and the wise Palestinians are well down the peace process road and all is going smoothly. NOT. A kinder, gentler Islamic Republic of Iran is also evolving before us. NOT.

You probably missed the news that four women were recently stoned to death in the country President Obama loves to flatter by calling it the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Their bodies showed up in the Tehran morgue mid-month.  So far as I have read, no one has claimed the cadavers.

. . . .

Meanwhile, the regime continues its vicious campaign (some would call it a genocidal war) against the country’s Arabs, the Ahwazis.  Not only are they afflicted with intense air and water pollution . . . but they are under brutal repression.  It seems to have increased after Rouhani’s election in June.  Indeed, repression is worse all over the country;  150 have been (officially) executed since the Great Moderate won office.

If you only read the MSM headlines, you’d likely believe that the Rouhani administration had greatly eased up on political repression.  There were early reports that eighty political prisoners had been released, but there are no names, and no sightings.  One student activist was temporarily let out on bail, to the great and justified delight of those in the West who campaigned for him, but he can be arrested at any time, and sure doesn’t look like he wants to take on Rouhani.

. . . .

What, if anything, does this have to do with the regime’s oft-stated winks and leers, promising a “new” relationship with the West, especially with the United States . . . .

. . . . They don’t think they have anything to fear from him [Obama], and they expect he will accept a deal favorable to them.  They expect an immediate easing of sanctions, “in exchange” for promises of good Iranian behavior in the future.  They will have been reassured at the recent spectacle of the White House asking Congress not to vote any new sanctions.  This demonstrates a lack of understanding, since a vigorous Congress enables our negotiators to tell the Iranians “you’d better get serious and shut down the nuclear program, or these crazy people will just pile on.”

But wait! There’s more. Our relations with Libya have finally “normalized” so we can safely allow Libyans to come to the United States to

work in aviation maintenance, flight operations, or to receive training and education in nuclear science. According to a House Judiciary Committee press release, “this draft final regulation could go into place without prior notice and comment.”

Sorry about poor Mr. Benghazi, but normalization is cool and the new normal — which we will all come to love just as soon as we become totally insane accustomed to it — is like, way cool.

Obviously, now is the time to reopen negotiations with North Korea about normalizing its nukes. That will scare Kim Chi-un et al into behaving nicely, like Iran.

Disagree with the Dear Leader about anything? You are in danger of being deemed sane and, therefore, at best a social outcast. ObamaCare will provide an app to cure sanity once the bugs in Healthcareupyours.gov are exterminated, just be patient; even in the Age of Obama, miracles can take a while to happen.


The “less than candid” remarks Lies continue. So what is the meaning of “is” and what else is new?


Here is a YouTube video of a fascinating librul discussion of Islam.


Oh dear me. This bit from Jon Stewart on our detached President also seems pertinent.


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6 Responses to If you are Insane enough to like your Sanity you can keep it. Maybe.

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  2. Tom Carter says:

    Now I’m going to watch “Being There” again. Seems like it’s more relevant with each passing year.

  3. geneb527 says:

    Reblogged this on Political Musings-At the Sunset of My Life and commented:
    Most politicians lie nearly all the time, but our POTUS lies to us every time he opens his mouth!

  4. geneb527 says:

    Our Con Artist POTUS learned when he was very young that if you made a lie sound true most people would believe it. So he has lived his life just filled with lies and he even believes most of them!

    • I agree. However, I wonder whether He is sufficiently clever to be the consummate con artist that He appears to be and, if not, whether someone — Valerie Jarrett for example — is pulling His (and our) strings. Chance as depicted in the motion picture was a simple soul but not evil. President Obama seems to be just clever enough to be evil but not much more than that.

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