Clueless in Caracas

Truly a sad spectacle of ignorance and emphasis on the same policies which have failed over the years. Chavismo is never to blame for any problems, it is always someone else’s fault.

I seem to have sensed and heard the same thing about the Dear Leader of another country.

The Devil's Excrement


It took Nicolas Maduro three hours to announce the “new” economic measures. But during this time, he failed to announce any real economic measure. What he did announce, was a set of more controls, checks, threats and institutions to allow (hope?) the Government to force prices down as a way of controlling inflation. To Maduro, his Government or that of his predecessor have done nothing wrong. It is all part of an economic war waged by who knows whom, which requires no change in economic policy. Instead, he blames speculators and hoarders for the problems and “Cadivismo” is out of hand.

Funny, who created Cadivi ten years ago, who has managed and allowed it to become the monster it is today?

But in the end, as Maduro called the black market dollar fictitious, showing and proving how clueless in Caracas the Venezuelan President is. The fictitious dollar will continue to…

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