Having banished fears of Iranian nukes, President Obama turns to Crime

Fresh from His historic success in banishing fear of Iranian nuclear weapons, President Obama today announced a similar approach to
banishing our concerns about crime
 in the United States.

Fantasy Island Obama

The Obama-Kerry plan to banish the threat of Iran’s development of nuclear weaponry by not mentioning it — thereby shielding her devoutly sensitive leaders from any embarassment that might result from learning that even they suspect it — is working as intended. It harmonises beautifully with His new plan to banish our concerns about crime.

Although multifaceted and multicultural, the plan can be summarized as follows:

Those who commit crimes are sadly undermedicated and otherwise suffer from inadequate medical care. ObamaCare is already eliminating the source of their displeasure, the driving force behind their criminal activities. As the ObamaCare miracle continues, our concerns about crime will vanish as well.

Sadly, a few words about “crime” had to appear in the summary for the sake of initial clarity. However, just as the official text of the November 24th “deal” with Iran does not mention nulear weaponry development — clarity being undesirable —  the official text of His historic war on crime initiative will not mention crime either. Since neither the word “crime” nor any of its derivatives will appear in the full text, there will be no need to look for them there. If and when the full text becomes available, the few who mistakenly think they have nothing more useful to do than to read it need not bother. They should instead devote their efforts to singing loud hosannas unto President Obama for His miraculous successes in all endeavors.

Although the confidence of some of We the People in President Obama may have been tarnished briefly by an arguably imperfect rollout of the ObamaCare website (healthglitch.gov), it now works almost as well as a disfunctional cuckoo clock. Therefore, His new antisocial conduct initiative will also work, period. We know that it will because He does not make promises lightly. Breaking them lightly is a wholly different matter, which need not detain us.

H/t Wikimedia

H/t Wikimedia

ObamaCare personnel are waiting for us.

President Obama has already told His Youth Corpse members to find victims of American society’s inhumane pre-ObamaCare lack of suitable medical care, which had driven them to lives of (allegedly) antisocial behavior but who now have ObamaCare and are becoming model citizens. Like all model citizens, they will happily accept an opportunity to appear on stage with President Obama to praise his masterful but gentle successes in lifting them from their former (allegedly) antisocial lives by enhancing them through the superior medical care to which they are now entitled.

President Obama’s new war on antisocial behavior, like his Iranian nuke and ObamaCare initiatives, are already transforming the once hated United States into a differently-respected ally. It is becoming a brave new world for all.

UPDATE: It will work with ObamaBelievers. No price is too high to pay for the satisfaction of serving President Obama and the cause of redistribution.

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5 Responses to Having banished fears of Iranian nukes, President Obama turns to Crime

  1. bunkerville says:

    Regarding your update. A little appreciated fact is that private insurance carriers were carrying the weight for decades. Medicaid and medicare don’t begin to cover the cost of service. The insurance companies negotiate with hospitals the rates of reimbursement. They have been willing to go along paying more in order to sustain our hospital systems, where much of the Medicaid patients land.

    • Thanks, Tom. I’ll drink to that (or, at this point, to just about anything but Prohibition). Here is a bit from Ms. Noonan’s article that I particularly enjoyed.

      From what I have seen the administration is full of young people who’ve seen the movie but not read the book. They act bright, they know the reference, they’re credentialed. But they’ve only seen the movie about, say, the Cuban missile crisis, and then they get into a foreign-policy question and they’re seeing movies in their heads. They haven’t read the histories, the texts, which carry more information, more texture, data and subtlety, and different points of view. They’ve only seen the movie—the Cubans had the missiles and Jack said “Not another war” and Bobby said “Pearl Harbor in reverse” and dreadful old Curtis LeMay chomped his cigar and said “We can fry a million of ‘em by this afternoon, Mr. President.” Grrr, grrr, good guys beat bad guys.

      It’s as if history isn’t real to them. They run around tweeting, all of them, even those in substantial positions. “Darfur government inadequate. Genocide unacceptable.” They share their feelings – that happens to be one of the things they seem to think is real, what they feel. “Unjust treatment of women—scourge that hurts my heart.” This is the dialogue to the movies in their heads.

      There’s a sense that they’re all freelancing, not really part of anything coherent.

      There is little there there that could seriously be called “coherent.”

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