Huge rise in Palestinian terrorism and incitement in Jerusalem area

The Peaceful Palestinians obviously do not understand that President Obama has Israel’s back and that Secretary Kerry is watching them. Why only today, it was reported that he assured PM Netanyahu that the ObamaAdministration’s pathway to peace everlasting with Palestine will fully safeguard Israel’s legitimate interests as viewed by Washington and that

retired US general John Allen, who he described as one of the best military minds in the US, has been charged by US President Barack Obama with analyzing the security aspects of any future agreement and “ensuring the security arrangement that we might contemplate in the context of this process will provide for greater security for Israel.”

That’s what Israel needs — the best and brightest from the ObamaAdministration telling them about security and why all will be well if they obey.

C.f> this article at PJ Media wherein Roger L. Simon wonders whether, in light of the habitual and continuous lying by President Obama, some of the elderly “conspiracy theories” might have a bit of substance. He also ruminates on the consequences, including but not by way of limitation, blackmail. Oh well. He must be a right wing nut, or something.

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The local Israeli news have been filled in recent days with reports of stone-throwing, molotov cocktails being hurled, car-jacking and general violence by Palestinian Arabs against Israeli Jews, reflecting a huge rise in terror .

In widely broadcast local news this week we heard that Avigail Ben Zion, an Israeli toddler, received a serious head injury from a rock thrown by local Arabs at her mother’s car as it entered the Armon Hanatziv neighbourhood in Jerusalem:

“Over the past few months we have been seeing an increase in violence by Palestinians in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem, especially in the form of rock and Molotov cocktail attacks,” a senior police officer told Israel Hayom on Thursday.

Thank G-d the little girl is on the road to recovery and the rock-throwers were arrested, but the even worse news is that the assailants admit that their motive was Jew-hatred.

This Jew-hatred can occasionally rebound…

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4 Responses to Huge rise in Palestinian terrorism and incitement in Jerusalem area

  1. Ruvy Kossover says:

    Dan, the Israeli gov’t is afraid to classify this new terrorism as the open revolt it is. After all,, in order to crush revolts, you need to kill the leaders – animals installed by the Israeli regime itself. There is nothing complicated about this.

    In the meantime, the Dark Prince of the Potomac is working the knife of what only a fool would call betrayal of Israel. The weakening and destruction of this country has been elitist policy for decades, and the Dark Prince of the Potomac is the tool of the elites ru(i)ning America.

    • Yep. What, then, are Israeli citizens likely to do about it? Continue bowing to the United States of Obama? Assert more independence? Cease to have a reasonably free and democratic nation? Not being there, but reading much from the Israeli press, the first and third possibilities seem more likely than the second.

      • Ruvy Kossover says:

        None of the above, Dan. The policies of our “leaders” are leading us to a major war here. These traitorous bastards will flee the Arab missiles that will hit Israel in the thousands – and die fleeing. Many of us will as well. But what will arise upon the deaths of these traitors will be a regime that does what it has to in terms of kicking Arab ass.

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