Thou shalt not insult politically correct religions, cultures or desires

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by my (imaginary) friend, the Very Honorable Ima Librul, Senator from the great State of Confusion Utopia. He is a founding member of CCCEB (Climate Change Causes Everything Bad), a charter member of President Obama’s Go For it Team, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Chairperson of both the Islamic Relations and Meretricious Relations Subcommittees. He is also justly proud of his expertise in the care and breeding of unicorns, for which his Save the Unicorns Foundation has received substantial Federal grants. 


We are honored to have a post of this caliber by a quintessential Librul such as the Senator. Without further delay, here is the Senator’s article.

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As Obamamas approaches, we must remember that Obama so loved America that He resolved to transform her in His own image.

ObamaCare Pigs

Reading a reactionary article at PJ Media titled Why Transform shocked me to my common core. The first paragraph tells all:

When I heard Barack Obama exulting in the fundamental transformation of America that he promised to bring about in his 2008 speech at the University of Missouri, I was dumbfounded. Why, I thought, would anyone want to transform the most dynamic and successful nation on the face of the planet? Improve it gradually and intelligently through what philosopher Karl Popper in The Open Society and Its Enemies called “piecemeal social legislation,” certainly. Seek to strengthen its position in the world, to guarantee its security, and to stimulate a free market economy, with moderate safeguards but without undue and heavy-handed interference, absolutely. But to steer it in a direction that would render it similar to Europe’s increasingly defunct socialist polities or, for that matter, that would resemble my own country, Canada, with its onerous cost of living, high taxation (with a disproportionate tranche falling on the middle class), faltering institutions and intrusive legislation — no way. Americans did not seem to realize how fortunate they were, and some of my American correspondents have indicated that they are beginning to look north for a template to follow. They should look again. [Emphasis added.]

Please do read the entire attempted indictment of social justice, equality and all that we cherish. It’s more than enough to send shivers up one’s spine. We can be grateful that, as ObamaCare takes over health control care, even fewer will still have those useless relics of a dying age.

President Obama came among us, not as another politician but as our one and only true savior.

Obama Banard College REVThe Truth is with Him and He can do no wrong.

The entire world, including the Unified State of Obama under His benign guidance, is embracing change that we must can believe in. It is our duty to help Him lead the way so that we can, for the very first time, be proud that we are not exceptional. To be exceptional is to be different in politically incorrect ways, thereby giving horrible examples to the world and moving away from true peace on Earth through benign librul rejoicing at the diversity of (only) entitled religious and other groups.

Supporting traditional values, particularly those spewed many years ago by now long dead White males — many of them slave owners —  would lead to making us exceptional again. We must reject all of the traditional notions, values and beliefs upon which they sought to establish what they maliciously decided to characterize as a more perfect form of governance. We now have our savior, President Obama, and have no need for them, if we ever did.

Islam is the Religion of True Peace through submission, and for true peace we must submit to the views of our betters, particularly President Obama. He has wisely espoused this brave concept and we must follow Him as He shows us the way to perfect political correctness. To do so, we must reject all notions urged upon us by such racist terrorists as Pat Condell.

We must embrace politically correct diversity because the good diverse ones demand the most basic of all librul human rights, that of not being offended (quite properly only for themselves). George Will recently said,

the new biggest American entitlement is the entitlement to go through life without being offended. People think they have a right not to have their feelings hurt, not to have their sensibilities in any way exacerbated. I’d refer them to Jefferson who said, it does me no harm if my neighbor believes in 20 gods or one god, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. We have forked for millennia to get to a point where we say the law will protect our possessions and our persons, but not our feelings and people just have to get over it. [Emphasis added.]

Rubbish! The right not to be offended, and the corollary duty of the unacceptably diverse not to offend, are the most important aspects of our brave new culture. As we move forward, we will enact more laws criminalizing all speech by unprotected people and groups offensive to protected people and groups. Mr. Will is not Obama-like and so has no sense of how life needs to be in our transformed Unified State of Obama where proper tolerance shall prevail.

Librul tolerance

There is clearly a basic human right not to be labeled biblically non-compliant by ignorant Christians. It matters not whether those so disparaged care about biblical compliance; it’s a grievous and offensive insult regardless and must not be tolerated. Period. How about the Jews? Those who side with President Obama against the wicked Zionists are probably OK, but the Islamophobic others? They are no less wicked than Bible-bashing Christians, so a pox upon them all!

Duck Dynasty

Similarly, we must reject all disparagments of the Religion of Piece Peace. This attack on the beauties of Islam insults the Prophet and His followers and is therefore abhorent regardless of any facts it may contain. It does not matter in the least that peaceful Muslims daily hurl insults, rocks, missiles, etc. at violent non-Islamists; politically incorrect, they deserve them.

Besides robbing caravans in the Arabian Peninsula and being a brutal warlord who ordered many people to be killed, Muhammad’s marriages and sex life leave much to be desired. For example:

There are deep and concerning roots of paedophilia within Islam as described in this article from ‘Islam Watch’ here.

So what? It’s their way, it’s gloriously diverse in politically correct fashion, it’s good and we must not say bad things about them. President Obama is greatly displeased with those who do.

Obama Clinton and Muslim Brotherhood

Here’s another vile anti-diversity video:

For shame, Mr. Klavan, for shame! As Obamamas approaches and as we come together to worship Him, repent! Embrace politically correct diversity, even if only for the sake of President Obama. Otherwise, we will have you jailed as soon as we are able.

Editor’s comments:

I don’t know where America is going or whether it’s already too late to reverse the trend. Victor Davis Hanson had a good post today at Pajamas Media PJ Media titled Pajama Boy Nation.

Pajama boy

It starts with this:

Will Kane of High Noon Pajama Boy wasn’t. Somehow we as a nation went from the iconic Marlboro Man to Pajama Boy — from the noble individual with a bad habit to the ignoble without a good habit — without a blink in between.

There are lots of revolting things in the Pajama Boy ad. After all, how can you top all at once a nerdy-looking child-man dressed in infantile pajamas while cradling a cup of hot chocolate with the smug assurance that he is running your life more than you his?

And ends with this.

We accept that the law is mostly fluid, depending on whether you are one of the noble suffering or the bad and incessantly grasping: sanctuary cities are noble places where federal immigration laws can be safely ignored. Try that with the Second Amendment and you’ll be summarily jailed.

There is a growing tiredness with Pajama Boy nation. Millions are sick of being lectured, caricatured, and slandered for their supposed pathologies by the Sandra Flukes of the age and those in their pajamas who still grasp with two hands their hot chocolate. Add all their annoying Stalinist efforts up — to selectively going after Chick-fil-A or the Washington Redskins or Duck Dynasty — and the public is becoming tired of the shrill nerdocracy. [Emphasis added.]

How many are revolting against Pajama Boy nation and his bunch, no one quite knows. But I’m beginning to think for the first time since 2009 that the rage and numbers of the disengaged have not crested yet, not quite yet.

There is at least a bit of hope there for our future. The stuff between the beginning and the end is good as well. Please read it.

Islam is peaceful

We still seem to be getting dangerously close to making the librul hopes of Senator Ima Librul and others like him our sad reality. Speaking accurately about the nature, aspirations and threats of the malignant cancer of Islam may become unlawful in the United States; some western nations have already done that.

We must oppose that and all similar steps in the United States,

♦ Directed against those who say that homosexual conduct is contrary to biblical teachings;

♦ Directed against those who accurately characterize race-based physical assaults on and murder of others as racist;

♦ Directed against those who accurately describe women who fabricate tales of rape; and/or

♦ Directed against those who oppose President Obama’s continuing efforts to transform America in His image.

The transformation He seeks would not give us peace; it would merely give us subjugation to the will of our self-proclaimed “betters.” If we fail to act soon it may well become too late.

Waiting inertly for something good to happen? Please remember to have a Happy Obamamas celebration with your friends! Make discussions of the joys of ObamaCare the focus of Obamamas dinner. All good libruls do because it pleases the Great One.

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    I guess there’s always been some question as to how many wives Muhammed actually had. I’ve read that may go up into the 20s. Got to have at least some sympathy for a guy with all those wives….

    Have to admit that I’d never seen “Duck Dynasty” until this little kerfuffle with Phil came along. I’ve now watched a couple of episodes. Very weird. But I understand why there’s no Muslim community in that part of the country.

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