Ya Basta, Carajo!

Once upon a time, Venezuelans could have rejected and ejected el Thugo Chávez with relative ease. He died, but his pale and ineffectual ghosts, Maduro and Cabello, live on. Based on everything I have read and seen – little of it in the U.S. “legitimate media” because there is little there to read or see – the situation is becoming increasing difficult for the Chavista regime to handle.

Will there be an explosion or an implosion? I almost, but not quite, wish I were there to see it. Reading Daniel’s Blog, Devil’s excrement and Caracas Gringo are the best I can do. Long may they survive and continue to post.

Caracas Gringo

Nicolas Maduro’s illegitimate government is collapsing.

The regime – a cabal of gangsters and drug traffickers – miscalculated thinking it could silence its critics with repression, guns and murder.

No amount of regime repression will halt events or reach a conclusion satisfactory to the regime.

But make no mistake. The outcome of this popular rebellion against tyranny will not be decided democratically at the ballot box.

Anyone who thinks there’s a viable democratic pinpoint of light at the end of this tunnel is sadly mistaken.

The bloodshed going forward could be horrific, particularly if folks now under gunfire from the thugs start returning fire – which I think will happen.

What’s happening now in Venezuela isn’t 2002-03 repeating.

The pueblo is fed up and furious, particularly after last night’s brazen attacks against unarmed civilians by “colectivo” gunmen who are being protected by Bolivarian National Police and the National Guard.


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