US condemns Iran for illicit arms shipment

Trying to negotiate with an habitual liar on matters of substantial importance is very dangerous. Yet that is what the Obama Administration and the P5+1 crew are doing with Iran.


US condemns Iran for illicit arms shipment, Israel Hayom, March 9, 2014

(Assume, at least for the sake of argument, that irrefutable evidence shows that Iran knew what the ship contained and that she is now lying about it. Lying has been her consistent practice vis a vis her nuke activity and continuing to lie is not a rational basis for crediting material statements she has made or later makes during the P5+1 negotiations. Why should negotiations proceed on that basis, allowing Iran to continue to garner funds and other types of international support which make effective sanctions highly unlikely to be reinstated?

Defense Secretary Hagel’s spokesman reiterated “the United States’ commitment to holding Iran accountable for its destabilizing activities in the region, even as we continue efforts to resolve our concerns over Iran’s nuclear program through diplomacy.” Destabilizing activities are bad. However, habitual lying as to matters material to…

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1 Response to US condemns Iran for illicit arms shipment

  1. Brittius says:

    Cerebral contemplation – It would fit into play, if Iran were being treated as an Informant, who is bringing in, something. Some action or activity veiled, something that might not otherwise be available via SOP channels. A blind eye is given to the Informant’s own illegal activities, to keep the conduit open and flowing.
    Notice, if you will, that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and today the United Arab Emerates, have all done something considered nearly impossible not long ago, by outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood and naming the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. It indicates Righteousness on their part to put their foot down and make such declaration and publicly take a stance that terrorism will not be tolerated. Iran makes no such declaration, as of yet. Despite a few vocal tauntings, Iran continued to disregard civility in their own part of the world. They must be selling out, someone. Possibly North Korea? Possibly Venezuela? Possibly Pakistan?
    Confidential Informant. Think about it.

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